Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #63
  • Loki:Say goodbye.
  • Thor:Not this day!
  • Loki:This day, the next, a hundred years, it's nothing! It's a heartbeat. You'll never be ready! The only woman whose love you prized will be snatched from you!
  • Thor:And will that satisfy you?
  • Loki:Satisfaction's not in my nature.
  • Thor:Surrender's not in mine!
  • Loki:Ooooh! Big demigod in a suit of armour; take that off, what are you?
  • Thor:
  • Loki:
  • Loki:No, no! What are you doing?!?
  • Thor:You said I should take all my clothes off!
  • Loki:Well, put them back on!!
  • Jane:*(groggily)* Shut up, Loki.
Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

Every time I watch this moment, I wonder about what if Loki had said yes, that that would satisfy him.  If Thor would give up his relationship with Jane to ease Loki’s madness and bring his brother back.

The way that question pops into my head every time then leads right back into how this conversation is—for me, at least—inescapable from a romantic bent to it.  I’m sure the undertone was meant to be that Loki would enjoy Thor’s suffering, that Thor is saying, “If I were miserable, would that finally make you happy?” to Loki’s response, “Satisfaction (happiness) isn’t in my nature.”

But that’s a really thin excuse for the way Loki doesn’t just sit back and let Thor walk into his own suffering, because if that’s all Loki wanted, he would just sit back, smirk, and let Thor get his heart crushed (in Loki’s view this is what would happen), but instead… no, instead, Loki needles Thor to let her go, deliberately points out that he’ll only get hurt.  And I don’t think it’s as simple as “Loki is the only one who’s allowed to hurt Thor” (though, there is an element of that), but instead I keep thinking:

"Loki wants Thor to suffer, except he really doesn’t want Thor to suffer."

When you’re just so angry and so jealous, you want the person to suffer, but also you don’t want them to suffer, because you love them and you want things back the way they were, but you also don’t want things back the way they were, there just isn’t satisfying those people and Thor knows that, he says that to make the point of how letting go of Jane wouldn’t bring Loki happiness, Thor says it because the point is, no, Loki wouldn’t be satisfied by it.

But also asking that question keeps whipping me back around to:  What if Loki had said yes?  Sometimes I think Thor wouldn’t sacrifice his relationship with someone else for Loki, that he would find a way to have them both, because the point of a hero’s story is in finding that third option.  But sometimes I look at the way Jane fades into the background around Loki, sometimes I look at the way the most intense scenes in this movie are the Thor/Loki ones, and sometimes I think that Thor might choose to do this.  It wouldn’t be an exchange, it wouldn’t be for Loki that he would make the choice.  It would be for his own reasons, that he would choose to let go of Jane in order to pull Loki back to him.

Ultimately, though, Thor’s nowhere near naive enough to think that path is actually viable, even if Loki had said yes.  But, every time this scene comes up, I still wonder.  Just a little bit.

anonymous said:

Hey there! Do you know any fanfic about a sick loki and his big brother Thor taking care of him? Like fluffy and all that stuff

Hi!  I feel like I’m sure I’ve read more than this, but I may possibly be conflating things with morning sickness!Loki or cramps!Loki, but here’s a good list of ones that you should enjoy!  There are a couple of cancer fics on the list, which aren’t necessarily as fluffy, but I tried to pick ones that still at least mostly ended happily!  I NEED MORE FIC OF SICK!LOKI WHERE THOR TAKES CARE OF HIM, I NEEEED ITTTTT.

Cradle by catiepie182002, thor/loki, sick!loki, fluff, pre-movies, ~1k

Loki is ill and Thor is doting.

Undisclosed desires by berserkr-bread (howtobottlefame)thor/loki, sick!loki, 1.1k

Thor enjoys when Loki is ill.

What Ails You by Mayphoenix, thor/loki + ocs, sick!loki, fluff, thorki kids, 1.9k

Loki is sick — but gods don’t get sick.

Ah-Choo by Wordbytes, thor/loki + avengers, sick!loki, jotunn!loki, married au, 4.3k

Thor’s attention was broken away from the newspaper to the corner of the room where Loki was perched, limbs positioned in such a twisted way it was hard to see him as comfortable, almost thrown from his position from some sneezes. He arched an eyebrow at the sight and Loki carefully untangled himself to reach for a tissue. “Are you well?”

Haze by Misaya, thor/loki, NSFW, sick fic, references to pregant!loki, 3.3k

Loki didn’t stay in the dining hall to have his favourite raspberry jam and cream cake, and Thor is 100% sure that he’s about to become a father. Of course, Thor’s been wrong before. Loads of times. Even with 100% certainty. But Loki is oh so sensitive during pregnancy, so how could he be anything but? Sickfic, fever sex, etc etc.

heavy rain by sansuishi, thor/loki, human au, sick!loki, 1.5k

"Would you do something for me now, if I asked you?" Thor nodded instantly and Loki smiled.

Illness by mrhiddles, thor/loki, human au, sick!loki, cancer, 1.3k

Loki is sick and Thor is there for him.

Get Well Soon by XxToBoldlyGoxX, thor/loki + frigga, kidfic, sick!loki, 1.2k

When Thor and Loki were children, Loki got very sick, and all Thor wanted was for his little brother to be okay.

in sickness by Shinkirou, thor/loki past, 616/the mighty thor/journey into mystery, sick!loki, bb!loki, 1.3k

In which Loki becomes sick (which really shouldn’t be possible).