Some time ago someone asked where I find books pictures for my graphics and well I didn’t know how to reply cause I didn’t remember where I had taken mine, so I promised to make a texture pack with the pictures of books I’ve saved in my computer. Here we are! you can download a folder with 12 book textures 500px large. These kind of textures are a bit different because I’ve added some addictional layer for an easier customization: don’t worry anyway, in the folder you’ll find a little document with some istructions.

download mediafire .zip ; cloud .zip

The originals are not mine. If you find this useful and you are going to use them, please like/reblog this post. Thanks.

Once again, it’s Christmas time and I come with presents, ho ho ho ho ho.

This is a pack that I made with lots of love for all of you, I really hope you enjoy it and that you all have a Holly Jolly Holidays ♥


  • 3 Sharpening Actions
  • 27 Fonts
  • 15 PSDs
  • 25 Icons
  • 20 Textures

DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR CLAIM AS YOU OWN, remember that feedback is cool and likes are not mandatory but highly appreciated.


under the cut is just a bunch of textures I tend to use in all my graphics. numerous asks have been sent as to which ones I use so I figured I might as well compile them into this thing so hey, enjoy. my graphic style is ever changing so I may have left a few out and so for that, I apologize. likes and reblogs would be appreciated if you found this useful please and thanks B)

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