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A spot on my new tumblr awards page (I will show your url, with a link, and a picture of your blog)
Unlimited promos for winners (upon request)Five promos for runner ups (upon request)My friendship (if you even want it, idk)A picture based on your url (upon request, I may ask for clarification on it)If you want anything else just ask and I will see what I can do because I am really out of ideas :/

The less you care about the opinion of others, the happier you will be. Put your judgement before anybody’s else. Your opinion of yourself is so much more important. It’s dangerously powerful how much we can let judgement affect us, and I think that that’s something that can spoil a lot of high school experiences for people. So listen to the music you want to listen to, dress the way you want to dress, and do it with confidence, do it with your friends. I don’t think there’s any need for you to go through anything alone, communicate, be honest with your friends, be honest with yourself, and do it your way. 

  • A - 1 Fact about your Blog
  • B - 1 Top reason why do you cry every night.
  • C - 1 Reason why you've given up to those who loved you.
  • D - 1 Reason why you don't want to get attached to a person
  • E - 1 Thing that will make you very very very happy.
  • F - 2 Greatest lie you've said.
  • G - 2 Reasons why do you hold on for something you want.
  • H - 2 Thoughts that makes you overthink
  • I - 2 Confessions you want me to tell.
  • J - 2 Chances you’ve missed up on that you regret.
  • K - 3 Inspirational quotes you lived by.
  • L - 3 Reasons why you should be happy.
  • M - 3 Reasons behind your sadness
  • N - 3 Reasons why do you felt jealousy
  • O - 3 Reasons why did you broke up with your ex
  • P - 4 Relationship goals
  • Q - 4 Ideas of a perfect date
  • R - 4 Biggest dreams
  • S - 4 Bloggers you missed to talk to
  • T - 4 Bloggers who inspires you
  • U - 5 Crushes here on Tumblr.
  • V - 5 Bloggers you would like to know more
  • W - 5 Special friend here on Tumblr, why are they special?
  • X - 5 Reasons why do you fall for a person
  • Y - 5 Favorite music. What's the reason behind it.
  • Z - 5 Facts about my life