Thank you to everyone who entered my tumblr awards you are are amazing and wonderful, also I added some more categories from the original post I made, because you are are literally perfect, one more thing, because all of you could have easily won like all of them I only allowed you to win or be the runner up in one category ilysm (:


Here is where I listed everything you all won message me about any of it plus it’s the same for winners and runner ups, and here is the page I made on my blog for all of you. Thank you again to everyone who entered, you all were amazing, ilysm lots and lots (:

anonymous asked:

mygosh! i respect black people ha? but let's not forget what mayweather did when he won! He deserves racism because 1.) He was being a dickhead after the fight and 2.) He respects Manny but he wants to win so bad. Did you heard him said that?

Wait lang, ha. It seems like we did not fully grasp the idea of racism here. According to google, “Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

So, sa pagkakaintindi ko lang, ha? I stand to be corrected. Because of your “oh-so-witty” and “not-so-offensive” remarks about his skin color, it’s not only Mayweather whom you’re insulting but those people who has black skin as well. It’s like you guys are acting superior bc your skin are not black. Racism nga eh. What I’m saying is, why do you need to resort into those offensive statements that can hurt other people? His skin color has got nothing to do with his attitude. NO ONE DESERVES RACISM. REMEMBER THAT. I hope you understand my point here. Thank you.