Here’s some advice for the next one
Don’t let him lead you to the dark
Don’t tell him all your secrets
He’ll leave you with a broken heart
He’ll try and tell you that he wants you,
Just to keep you on the line
And right when you’re about to move on
He pulls you back every time
—  Run

and honestly how fucking disturbing is it that james franco’s character in palo alto was in a student/teacher relationship and that movie was released in the us right around the time that he got caught soliciting a seventeen year old girl over instagram that’s wild

heres my end of the year ff for my fave mutuals yahh

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mods i use for da:origins

hello friends so i had some anons asking where i got certain mods i use in origins so here are the ones i use!! i also use DAModder to install any mods in .dazip or .zip format because it makes my life a lot easier.

Character Customization

Gameplay Stuff

  • skip the fade im sorry i just can’t do the fade every time i play origins
  • skip fights im sorry. im a cheater. skip every single fight in the game (note: you will have to fight hostiles who don’t end the battle by dying e.g. if they surrender. but you can kill all their lackeys to make it easier)
  • extra dog slot bring dog everywhere without using up a companion slot! heck yeah!
  • morrigan dialogue restoration yay restored dialogue
  • equal love makes morrigan and alistair romance-able with any warden! what fun

Other Stuff

  • expanded inventory backpacks are expensive yo
  • camp merchant chest a storage chest for the camp that sorts your stuff into categories just like how a merchant would
  • weapon vfx remover bc i need pretty screenshots during cutscenes and i dont want my weapon glowing in the background