Shipping aside, ‘Still’ was a beautiful episode where two unlikely partners pushed and pulled the best and worst from each other. The writing was stellar, the lighting superb, and the direction without fault. Watching those commentaries really drove home how much the creative team behind ‘Still’ is proud of the work they produced. And rightly so.

Anyone who enjoys character development should smile as the episode progresses as they watch both Daryl and Beth help each other to grow and develop. Norman and Emily have some of the best on-screen chemistry of any television show I’ve seen recently (or ever). They worked so, so hard in rehearsals to get everything as close to perfect as reasonably possible. And they did that to serve the story which, in turn, serves us, the audience. 


From the creator of ‘Love & Basketball’ comes ‘Beyond the Lights’: the story of a the story of, Noni (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the music world’s latest superstar who crosses paths with young cop and aspiring politician Kaz Nicol (Nate Parker). 

connor-my-franta said:

Kissing someone while they're having a panic attack is literally the WORST thing to do. Lydia had no idea the effect it would have on stiles. Plus she literally did it ONLY TO GET HIM TO CALM DOWN there was no romantic reasoning behind it


"No romantic reasoning": Just the look she gives him after the kiss means everything. They take their time they don’t just hook up at the first occasion! Bc yeah, that’s so romantic, right….

//Just read all the commentary quotes and comments of “Still” I’m a bunch of emotions, can’t truly wait to see season 5, sadly I could not watch the commentary but the feels are there and those are strong! Keep Calm and Bethyl on!


tbh no matter who it is like even if it’s my best friend if someone doesn’t respond to my messages I start thinking they hate me