All of my life, I have had a certain idea of France … It is inspired by emotion as much as by reason. My spirit naturally imagines France, like the princess in the fairy tale or the Madonna in the frescos, destined for fantastic things. I instinctively feel that providence has created her for ultimate success or exemplary misfortune. If mediocrity happens to mark her, I feel that this is an absurd anomaly that can be attributed to the faults of the French, not to the spirit of the country.
—  Charles de Gaulle, the opening page of Mémoires de guerre, 1954.

omg so there’s no other way to say this but I was driving my roommate to Target and the car radio fucking turned itself on and started playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” I shit you not

my car just rickrolled me what the fuck

But apropos of rifts, ever since the so-called ‘spliff video’ surfaced earlier this year, it has been rumoured that Harry’s relationship with Zayn and Louis is so strained – Harry was allegedly furious that Zayn and Louis had risked the band’s hard-earned ‘cleaning living’ reputation – that the trio avoid each other whenever possible…

However, during One Direction’s performance at the iHeartRadio Festival, Harry and Louis indulged in a brief moment of messing about onstage, but it was enough to see that if there was animosity, it’s on its way out or has gone entirely.

Which is great to see because of course, Harry and Louis were once so close, there was (and still is for that matter) a veritable tsunami of rumour/speculation that they were secretly in a romantic relationship…

And while I personally don’t believe that was ever true – though I’ve nothing against those who chose to believe it – I am happy to see that things between them seem to be in a better place now. It’s always sad to see a long-standing friendship in trouble.

Well, now, this is interesting.  Reporting that Harry & Louis are clearly friends again and a reference to the rumored relationship (basically a “not that there’s anything wrong with that” towards the “Larries”).

Tune changing.

Castle 7x01 “Driven ” still

The important thing to remember is that Beckett is a detective, so she can’t wear things that will identify her, she can’t wear things like that on her hands that would distract from the conversation, that could be stolen, that could possibly hinder her when she’s shooting or hand-fighting.The ring “is something that Beckett’s very protective of, because she loves it, so on occasion, if it’s like a big event or maybe a private moment outside of being in bed, she can wear it. But having it on display at the work place is not appropriate, especially as a detective.