Metatron went from “sometimes you have to kill your darlings”, all “this is what we have to do” and righteous rebuild Heaven speeches to “I wish Cas had walked into one of those traps”, openly displaying sadism to Gadreel, of all angels. After Thaddeus there’s not a chance Gadreel would take that well. How stupid would Metatron have to be to miss that?

And the way he says “and the kid” in Road Trip, it’s soft like he’s trying not to upset Gadreel. When he does say “it’s not like you haven’t done worse before”, his cruellest comment of 9.10, he apologizes. And then by Meta Fiction he’s openly telling him how he doesn’t care what happens to him, or the other angels. 

He knows how to go out of his way to placate Gadreel. And he purposely doesn’t do it after around Meta Fiction, does the opposite actually. Which you’d think he’d be smart enough not to do to essentially the first angel who ever rebelled and thought on his own. 

What bothers me most about this is that it hasn’t been canonically explained. It would make sense that Metatron was purposely pushing Gadreel away. I think that anyways. But I really want the show to explain some things.