Claude-Emma Debussy (1905-1919), Claude Debussy and Emma Bardac’s daughter and inspiration for many of the composer’s works.

The child, accomplished pianist and singer, was fondly known as Chocho (Japanese for Butterfly).

So like

Theo and I decided to order pizza tonight and watch the SEMINAL 90s film Jawbreaker and as we’re ordering it online, I go on the company’s facebook to see if there are any deals of offers

and then this comes up on their facebook


and obviously it’s buzzfeed so it’s gonna be shitty but still

pros of reading howl’s moving castle (the book)

  • more sophie hatter 
  • sassier sophie hatter 
  • sophie getting angry 
  • sophie being badass 
  • sophie’s relationship with her sisters actually matters
  • more cohesive plot
  • it’s also more relevant to the characters 
  • awkward teenage boy michael
  • you get to meet howl’s family
  • more sophie
  • sophie

cons of reading howl’s moving castle (the book)

  • effort

one of my sister’s friends has they/them pronouns on their facebook and i noticed awhile ago and the gender confused little kid in me so so so desperately want to message them and like talk about feelings and stuff but then the other part of me thinks maybe by some strange chances their pronouns are just different for no reason and/or they would possibly tell my sister if i talked to them about things so, probably never

i just? not that adults have opinions that are inherently more valid or something, but they’re 30, and it would just be kinda neat to talk to someone that much older than me thats like yep still queer