[TRANS] 150417 Simon’s blog post - 2PM of 2PM - Translated by JunkayStreet


2PM’s new album was released the other day
『2PM OF 2PM』
Recorded in this album are「THROUGH THE FIRE」and「WHPH / Jun. K 」
I was asked to participate in writing the lyrics for these two songs.

[CD info omitted]

As a matter of fact, I went to Korea in February and I was present at Jun. K’s recording.
In regards to Jun. K’s solo song「WHPH」I gave him some small directions for his rap.
In the middle of our tight schedules, I made this song together with Jun. K.

For everyone who listened to it, I’d be happy if you were pleased with it!!

Big Shout Out 2  2PM, Jun. K,JYP Entertainment, Epic Records!!

Life Is Beautiful.