The only dress that mattered tonight at the Met Gala in NYC was actually a cape of imperial proportions and gravitas (which also took 2 years to hand craft) designed by Chinese haute couture designer Guo Pei. While the theme of the night was ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’, Rihanna who obviously knows her shit, was one of very few wearing a Chinese designer. Other attendees’ costumes were just awful, obvious, “Chinoiserie” clichés, or tired stereotypes. Empress RiRi kilin’ it. Bitch better have my money! 


Rihanna showed exactly how to honor a foreign culture at the Met Gala: Go straight to the source 

The theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Costume Institute exhibit, which the Met Gala is intended to honor, is China: Through the Looking Glass, and the official dress code last night was “Chinese white tie." 

On a night that invited stars to honor a culture yet seemingly dared them to misstep into cultural appropriation, most of the celebs played it safe with jewel tones, ornate gilt details, even some dragon prints and lotus flowers. Rihanna was one of the few with a much smarter idea.