I’ve Done Something Terrible

Book one in the bestselling Snanger’s Snapprentice series. It begins when Snalt, a skilled Snanger (a Snanger is someone who helps the Sna-king by scouting out for the army and helping him strategize against the enemy) agrees to train Snill, an orphan whose snather was killed in war. Snill learns how to fight enemies effectively, either by shooting them down his his powerful bow, or by engaging with them in close combat. Snorgarath, a Snaron who was banished long ago, wants his revenge upon the kingdom of Snaraulen. He unleashes two very strong beasts, the Snalkara, which Snill, Snalt and Snilan (Snalt’s first snapprentice) are assigned to track down and defeat. Will Snalt, Snill and Snilan prevail? Or will they perish in the attempt? Find out in the exciting book, Snanger’s Snapprentice: the Ruins of Snorlan. (Original summary found on RA Wikia)

April is National Poetry Month, which means we’re celebrating with some of our favorite YA novels in verse at Austin Public Library. If you’ve never given this method of storytelling a try, April is a great time to test the waters. And if you’re already a fan, perhaps you’ll find something new to read in our guide - or share your favorite with us.

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(If you haven’t already, make sure you read Ellen Hopkins’ gritty novels in verse as well.)



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As often happens, I was actually working on a digital painting, or trying to, but I got bored/frustrated because those things take so freaking long and started doodling instead. I saw this phrase a while ago and thought of Halt, and also thought of the fact that he would never, ever, ever say anything of the sort. 

It’s okay Halt, I get you. Mornings are for coffee and silence.