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You looked down at your phone, looking up once you realized just how tired you really were. I should have went to bed earlier, was your first thought as you sat down in the coffee shop, taking in the sharp smell of vanilla coming from your coffee mug. Hopefully, you thought, this will wake me up enough to go about the day. Rubbing your forehead, you sat your phone down on the table, taking a small sip before literally basking in how good it tasted on your tongue. Smiling against the mug slightly, you took another sip and fell into a slight heaven. The door of cafe ringing as it opened wasn’t enough to pull you back into reality, but the voice of the boy was enough to perk up your senses.

He was very animated, and as he ordered a cup, you felt the heat rise up in your chest. You wondered, as you turned in your chair slightly, who’s voice that was. Perking up slightly, you looked at him from head to toe, not being able to see his face clearly for he wasn’t facing you at the moment. He looked sharply dressed, and from the angle you were in, you could see how accented his jawline was. He turned around, once his order found itself in his hands, and the first place his eyes seem to go was towards the person sitting all alone. You. He looked at you for a few moments longer than needed, smiling slightly at you before taking his seat a table away from yours. He sat so he could still see you, so when he looked up, he could study you.

You found yourself looking at him, biting your bottom lip before fiddling around with your phone, pretending to be busy when all you were doing was going through a couple of your social network sites. “Hi,” It was the animated voice, and before you could really process that, you looked up, met beautiful hazel eyes and a perfect mouth saying, “I’m Ryan and noticed you sitting here all by yourself. Unfortunately, I too am by myself, so,” He paused and pressed a hand to his heart, saying, “I would like to join you, if that’s okay. I would actually like to join you,” He paused, smiling cheekily, A latte.”

“H-Hi, Ryan, I’m (Name),” You finally built up enough courage to speak, “You can join me… I don’t mind just… Don’t make a pun like that ever again. It was almost too cheesy.”

He sat down across from you, smiling victoriously, “Too cheesy,” He noted, “I’ll be sure to remember that when I ask you for your number and if you wanna go out sometime.”

The marauders choosing their animal
  • James:Right then, I'm a stag, Peter, you're a rat, and Sirius
  • Sirius:a black dog
  • James:Sirius I know you've got your heart set on a black dog but
  • Sirius:a black dog
  • James:don't you think the fact that a black dog is an omen of death might
  • Sirius:James, my name is LITERALLY 'dog black'
  • James:Yeah, i know, but
  • Sirius:a black dog

Teddy has his own room at Harry and Ginny’s. The three of them paint it it together when he’s five. At first, that’s all it is, an extra room Teddy stays over one or twice every couple of weeks. He likes the little house with the big backyard, and he likes that Ginny teaches him how to play Quidditch and that harry takes him to the mugggle playgrounds. he likes the attention and he likes that he doesn’t have to be quiet. he likes that Ginny always has surprises for him, and he likes that he’s always being pulled onto someone’s lap.

when Andromeda dies, Teddy’s too heartbroken to enjoy playgrounds or stolen treats, and he spends the first month he lives with the Potters full-time crying, his hair an odd purple or or a faintly sick green, sometimes both at once. he spends most nights wedged in between harry and Ginny, looking small and breakable.

Eventually, the ache numbs. He is back to being a little boy. he spends days Harry and Ginny are working at the burrow with Victoire and Mrs. Weasley. he loves Molly, and Victoire. He’s almost seven though, and she is only just barely six, as he reminds her as often as he can.

He Likes to draw. He sits with Harry at the kitchen table for hours with muggle crayons and markers. His shaky pictures are hung up everywhere in the house. Harry beams at him from across the table and Teddy beams back, missing his front teeth.

He starts to be able to control the shifting of his appearance, his eyes and hair don’t always change when his mood does. Mostly, he wears his hair messy and black, or ginger like his cousins. his eyes are always, always Ginny’s.

when James is born Teddy is ecstatic, and he only cries a little because the baby already had harry’s hair and Ginny eyes, and it belonged to them from the beginning. He is a big brother now, Harry tells him and Ginny kisses him between the eyes and above the nose, and tells him how special he is to her, how much she loves him. how much Harry loves him. How much the baby will love him.

The baby, Teddy discovers, is actually quite boring. By the time the second one comes in fact, Teddy is exceptionally sick of them. They were everywhere, it seems, at the burrow, in his house, and they couldn’t even do anything fun, like play Quidditch. Victoire and Teddy plays lot of Quidditch when they are seven eight and nine, and everyone is so excited about all those babies.

When Teddy is eleven he gets his Hogwarts letter and he and Ginnny and Harry take a day to get supplies. He is excited, more than excited, until September first. Then he’s terrified, and doesn’t want to leave home, he doesn’t want to go away. First year for teddy is hard, but he’s sorted into Hufflepuff, and he feels a swell of pride for his mothers house.

He writes home everyday, he spends too much time in the library and cries himself to sleep most nights. He misses Ginny, he misses Harry, he misses James and Albus and little Lily. he misses Victoire. He tells all the other first years about his best friend Vicky who can fly better than anyone on The Chudley Cannons, and wants to work with dragons like her uncle Charlie.

Second year they start together, Teddy pulling Victoire onto the train, Victoire is sorted into in Gryffindor the minute the hat touches her head and it breaks teddy’s heart; but he introduces her to the giant squid, and they go to see Hagrid, and Teddy isn’t so lonely anymore.

Teddy’s third year Victoire makes it onto the Quidditch team, Teddy goes to all her games. He wears his hair in gryffindor colors and she teases him that he looks like a Weasley, not a Potter. He tells her he’s neither. Reminds her his last name is Lupin. She tells him Ginny has a box full of too small Weasley sweaters with blue T’s on the front from past holidays that would argue her point. Teddy smiles at her in his borrowed Gryffindor memorabilia and she knits her hand with his. his hair turns a funny shade of fusia.

fourth year Teddy studies The Order of The Phoenix and werewolves, and writes home to ask about his real mom and dad. Harry cries a little when he talks about Lupin, and Ginny forces herself not to. They tell Teddy everything he’s ever want to know about Remus, with his gentle eyes and his quiet, steady, sureness, and Tonks, who changed her nose into a pigs and showed the most courage, and loyalty, and strenth Ginny has ever seen in life filled with people who had shown enormous courage, and loyalty, and strength.

Fifth year Victoire starts dating some foolishly tall boy with blonde hair. Teddy makes his hair a little sandier. Teddy lets himself grow another inch or three. Victoire doesn’t seem to notice. When they go home for the holidays, Teddy is unusually quiet and Victoire falls asleep with her head on his shoulder. Bill teases Victoire about the boy, and Teddy doesn’t join in.

Sixth year Teddy reads more than even first year. He shuts himself off again, and because he is always quiet and gentle and fading away from them, the other kids don’t notice anythings wrong, but Victoire does. When she asks, he tells her he feels empty. doesn’t remember what he looks like when he isn’t making himself look a certain way. She tells him she knows, that its in his eyes and his smile, and the tooth he chipped when they were ten.

Seventh year Teddy is too busy for anything, except for studying and Victoire. She talks and he listens, and she makes him laugh with his head thrown back and his eyes lit up, and when she kisses him for the first time, it’s by the lake in the cold, and he almost misses it it’s so quick.

When he leaves for his job at the Ministry, Victoire’s heart only breaks a little, because she knows he’ll write, and he always wanted to work with Aunt Hermione. She writes him when she has any time, and he writes her novels back.

When Victoire comes home for the holidays Teddy throws her over his shoulders at the gate, and she yells to be put down and he drops her to her feet and kisses her cheek. Bill and Ginny peer out the burrow window, coffee mugs in hand, shaking their heads.

When she graduates, Victoire heads to Romania. Teddy drops everything and follows her, taking a leave from his job at the Ministry. The little cousins whisper about how Victoire is a dragon tamer, and the grownups whisper about how Teddy would follow her to the end of the world. Teddy and Victoire whisper about Quidditch games and Ministry jobs and letters sent, and Hogsmeade trips and afternoons by the lake.

This goes beyond raising money and donating books. This is over four years of creative organizing, educating, collaborating and negotiating. For the HPA, this is a validation of fan activism, the idea that fans of stories can work together to effect change in the real world.

Lauren Bird, a representative for Harry Potter Alliance

These ‘Harry Potter’ activists just won a huge battle against slave labor