How to use DexNav:

How to use DexNav:
Example: Ralts on Route 102

1. First you must encounter and capture Ralts. Run around Route 102 until you find one, then catch it with a Pokeball.

2. Now, open DexNav, and you should see a small icon of ralts on your touchscreen. Touch the icon and select search.

3. DexNav will search for a ralts. If it doesn’t find one, just reposition yourself and keep trying.

4. Ralts will appear in a bush. Sneak up on him by slowly moving the joystick.

5. DexNav will show you the stats of the pokemon. The higher your search level, the more it will tell you about the pokemon. The more times you encounter the pokemon (even without DexNav), the higher your search level

Search Levels:

Rare moves (Egg Moves), Rare Abilities, Higher Levels, and Higher Potential will have an exclamation point next to it.

Level 1: Shows Level, Type

Level 3: Shows First move

Level 5: Shows Ability

Level 7: Shows Potential (According to other sources, potential is the number of maxed IVs it has. ex. 1 white star = 1 maxed IV. The most it can have is 3 maxed IVs)

Levels 14-100(Max?): Unknown