Happy October, Pokemon Fans! Nintendo Wi-fi connection has a gift for you this month!

This Pokemon is available ONLY over wi-fi connection, unlike the Shiny Gengar Event at Gamestop this month! This special Pumpkaboo can help you enter the Battle Tournament that takes place this month when you trade it to evolve it into a Gourgeist, if you don’t already have one! Grab this special Pumpkaboo equipped with a Rocky Helmet and possessing the two special moves Trick-or-Treat and Scary face! 


Happy October, Pokemon Fans! Theres a few new gifts and items to receive this month!

You can get a Shiny Gengar holding its very own Gengarite at your local Gamestop Store! While you are at Gamestop, they are also selling little special Pokemon Card packs with a special trainer card featuring Mega Gengar! Be sure to pick one up for your collection or your deck, trainers! 

The Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire stream will be live at 11 AM (London time), on the second of October. You will be able to watch it in the Pokechat.

If you’re wondering about your timezone, you can convert it here.

Please keep in mind that you can only chat if you have made an account for the chat. This takes about 2 minutes. You can sign up here.

Don’t want to watch the stream through the Pokechat? Sure, you can find the official stream here.

Keep in mind, the Pokechat can get quite crowded when these events are one. Last time we had over 200 users. Moderating the chat can be quite hard due to this. Please try to avoid spamming and harassing other users. Thank you very much for your understanding!

I’m going to put a spin on Inktober this year with Inktobermon! Join me on my 31-day adventure and draw ‘em all!

1: Gastly
2: Haunter
3: Gengar
4: Zubat
5: Vileplume
6: Kadabra
7: Drowzee
8: Hypno
9: Misdreavous
10: Shedinja
11: Shuppet
12: Banette
13: Duskull
14: Dusclops
15: Mismagius
16: Gliscor
17: Dusknoir
18: Giratina
19: Darkrai
20: Woobat
21: Yamask
22: Cofagrigus
23: Litwick
24: Lampent
25: Honedge
26: Aegislash
27: Phantump
28: Pumpkaboo
29: Gourgeist
30: Noibat
31: Yvetal