• the fandom:we want karmy to be together
  • carter:no problem! they'll always be friends
  • the fandom:no, we want them to be together romantically
  • carter:haha friends firends freands haha best of friends!!! i'm so glad u all want them to be best friends! karma and liam are so cute together.
  • the fandom:the fuck? no, we want karmy, not kiam.
  • carter:no its ok!!! we can have karmy as friends and kiam as a relationship so it will all work out!!!
  • the fandom:you are literally missing the whole entire point
  • carter:haha karmy lives!!!!! (as friends)

anonymous said:

Carter never promised Karmy were endgame.

And I never promised I would eat an entire box of cereal today

but you know what

i ate two boxes of cereal

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I’ve only seen a minute of this so far and I’m already in a 10000% better mood. Why can’t the rest of the cast give interviews like Rita?!?! God bless this woman. (also thanks brittana-karmy-vauseman for showing me this 2 seconds after it came out)