Did I really have to be this cheesy and make this gif? Yes. 

THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH FOR CONTINUING TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG!! 30k seems like such a huge number to me, 30,000 people chose to follow this blog???? Like that number is literally double the population of my home town.

I love you all, thanks for sticking around and liking and reblogging my gifs, sending nice messages, and even putting up with non-ghibli/personal posts! It means a lot! <3333


Imagine being a little kid going to the grocery store with your mother. At first you’re reluctant to go, but you’re told there will be candy. You get to the store, and your mother takes you to the candy aisle. She lets you look at the candy. She lets you sample the candy. She even lets you pick out a candy bar. When you get to the checkout, you put the candy bar on the counter. Your mother says, “wait, what made you think that I was going to buy you that candy bar?! Go put it back.”

That’s what it feels like to ship karmy.