i just want someone to kiss my neck while they’re grabbing my butt whispering dirty things into my ears is that so much to ask for

  • Teacher:If you could travel to any historical event in the past where would you go?
  • Me:The Kimye Wedding...

just know that no matter what we’re talking about or what’s going on around me or what i might be doing at the moment, im thinking about gerard way

My landlady just took my roommate Ariel and I out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I ordered plain white rice with steamed vegetables, Ariel ordered a Jumbo plate of ribs, chicken balls, shrimp and fried rice, and my landlady (Sara) ordered ribs and fried rice with gravy. When she took my order they were both like “ew that’s going to be so plain and have no flavour, are you sure you don’t want fried rice? or noodles?” etc and I was like yes I am sure, even the waitress was shocked haha. After she came out with our plates mine looked so pretty and beautiful and Sara was like “wow yours looks so bright and healthy and our plates look so dull and greasy” (mine was just rice with steamed broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, etc). Their plates really did look disgusting, after all they were eating dead food. The couple sitting next to us got up to leave and they were like “we have to wait here a minute because we ate so much we can’t walk” and it’s just sad looking around restaurants and seeing the way people eat… it honestly breaks my heart how disconnected people are from the food they eat, and how they have zero appreciation and give no thoughts to what goes into creating those meals