ENERGY PILL girl group songs to help you have an energetic n confident day :) (listen)

CANDY JELLY LOVE lovelyz - GLASS BEAD gfriend - MY MY a pink - PITAPAT laboum - PRETTY AGE 25 song jieun - LOVE&GIRLS girls’ generation - SHAKALAKA dal★shabet - HOW DARE YOU sistar - LOVE OPTIONS bestie - WHY DID YOU COME INTO MY HOME minx - FIGARO nine muses - I DID IT spica - WAIT A MINUTE 4minute - MAMAMIA kara - BUBBLE POP hyuna - I FEEL GOOD exid - AIRPLANE f(x)

a Liza fanmix {listen}

Spellbound l Siouxsie and the Banshees l Love is Blindness l Jack White l House of the Rising Sun l Joan Baez l Black Widow l Susanne Sundfør l About Her l Malcolm McLaren l What’s A Girl to Do? l Bat for Lashes l Ribbons & Detours l Silversun Pickups l Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) l Nancy Sinatra l O Mio Babbino Caro l Maria Callas

bite - a mix for full moons {listen}

  • "woods" willow smith
  • "red" mirel wagner
  • "werewolf" fiona apple
  • "my blood" ellie goulding
  • "wolf" first aid kit
  • "laughing with a mouth of blood" st. vicent
  • "colour of moonlight" grimes
  • "the wolf" fever ray
  • "small town moon" regina spektor
  • "werewolf heart" dead man’s bones

"oh leave, let me be, let the devil take me, oh leave can’t you see, you cannot save me" 


Check out this mix on @8tracks: Almost Sad by cassettesn.

  1.  Afrodino (아프로디노)
  2. 꿈길 (Doze) Forest of Breath (숨의숲)
  3. 처음 만든 사랑 노래 (The First Made Love Song) Siwa (시와)
  4. Almost Blue Sogyumo Acacia Band (소규모 아카시아 밴드)
  5. 천 개의 태양 캐스커 (Casker)
  6. If You Leave Sogyumo Acacia Band (소규모 아카시아 밴드)
  7. 빙하 Zitten (짙은)
  8. Piano Dust OOHYO (우효)
  9. 빗물구름태풍태양 SARAM12SARAM (사람12사람)
  10. 잘 알지도 못하면서 (Like You Know It All) Lim Kim (김예림)

The type of kisses where teeth collide // [listen]

"This is supposed to be a crush/love mix kinda *cringes*

Reckless serenade- Arctic Monkeys // Toxic- Peace // Taking over- Miles Kane // Bloody bandaid- Cherry Glazerr // Beach justice- Swim Deep // Cocoon (acoustic)- Catfish and The Bottlemen // Anyone else but you- The Moldy Peaches // No money, no honey- FIDLAR // Don’t say that- Superfood // That kiss- The Courteeners // My mistakes were made for you - The Last Shadow Puppets // White leather- Wolf Alice // Rapt- Karen O // Pictures of you- The Cure // I need you- The Kinks //

ayy i made a mix full of sick ass songs 

earphones recommend!! 

this mix has layered , mashups , remixes , electronic songs c: listen if you’re having a bad day or just chillin 

listen here.

SOOTHE: a mix for when you need to be alone, to lick your wounds or simply to ponder the world in silence.

i. holocene by bon iver  ii. hannah hunt by vampire weekend  iii. i follow rivers (acoustic version) by lykke li  iv. berlin by ry x  v. still sane by lorde  vi. hounds of love by kate bush  vii. can’t help falling in love (cover) by fleet foxes  viii. atlas hands by benjamin francis leftwich  ix. outro by m83  x. tears in rain (blade runner ost) by vangelis


20 Songs Inspired By Sylvia Plath (a mixtape)

Today marks the release of Belle & Sebastian's wonderful new album and one of its most memorable tracks is “Enter Sylvia Plath”, named after the tortured 20th century writer. Famous for her dark, confessional poetry and mythologized by her tragic suicide at the age of 30, Plath became an icon for angsty youth and budding wordsmiths everywhere, inspiring Stuart Murdoch and many other artists along the way. Here’s 20 songs referencing or inspired by the life & works of Sylvia Plath. Listen to the mix on Spotify.

01. Belle & Sebastian - Enter Sylvia Plath
02. of Montreal - Colossus
03. Braids - Plath Heart
04. Paul Westerberg - Crackle & Drag
05. The Antlers - Sylvia
06. Little Boots - Mathematics
07. Manic Street Preachers - Faster
08. Joshua Radin - These Photographs
09. The Bangles - Bell Jar
10. The Envy Corps - Sylvia [the Beekeper]
11. Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark
12. Breath Owl Breathe - Sylvia Plath
13. Alpha - Back
14. Rocky Votolato - What Waited For Me
15. Anna Nalick - Drink Me (acoustic)
16. Emmy The Great - Sylvia
17. Tears for Fears - Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams
18. Jeffrey Lewis - So What If I Couldn’t Take It
19. Kimya Dawson - Time To Think
20. Ryan Adams - Sylvia Plath

Listen to this playlist on Spotify