Go give this video a thumbs up then message me what number like you were for a blog rate and queues!!!


Go give this video a thumbs up and message me what # like you were for a blog rate or queues!!!

Let me start this off by saying I never thought that I would be making one of these posts. I grew up in a middle class family, had everything I needed. However, I am now asking for help. A few weeks ago I was hanging out with my boyfriend (who is 22 and of a legal drinking age) & our friends (all 21+) when I got an MIP for being at a party. I wasnt even drinking, I was just in the vicinity of their legal drinking. Luckily, none of them got a ticket for furnishing alcohol to a minor. However, the fine for this is going to be so so so much more than I can afford. (Around 500$)I pay for my own school, rent, textbooks, food, medicine, everything. It adds up and I cant afford it. My kitten needs shots, food, kitty litter. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression, and after paying this, i wont have enough to afford food, let alone medicine. I have money saved up from the summer job I worked, but it isnt nearly enough to cover this. 

I’m asking for help. Anything helps. I’m not a very skilled artist but I will do/write/make anything you ask for, or at least attempt to. Even if you cannot help me out, please reblog this so that other people might. 

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Thank you so much. 

UPDATE: I have fixed the donation button.