Interior shots of the Drake House. 

I didn’t get every room or detail shot of the interiors due to there being a 10 picture limit. However, the house is very much furnished and decorated. I’ve used just about every decor item that (sorta) fits with the aesthetic of the house. I was also careful to pick wallpaper; I don’t think one room has only one paint colour. Most rooms have a feature wall which adds interest. I’ve also used a lot of rugs to add interest to the flooring. 

Outside, there’s a fenced garden out front, and a front-facing and back-facing patio. The terrain paint and outdoor plants may not come with the download, but I’ve posted pictures of exterior shots of the house so you can easily replicate it. 

I adore this house. It’s big enough for my growing sim family, but it still feels really cozy. I hope you enjoy playing in it as much as I have.

You can download this off the gallery through my Origin ID: iiilyana.

EDIT: This house has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.


Next up, some townhomes! These were meant to go in Arcady Bay (my old world), but it was scrapped. First is the completed one (info below) and then there are two more “add-on” shells (which only require cornices by Awesims) if you want to complete the street. I really don’t mind what you do with these, but if you re-upload, give me a lil’ bit of credit!

Lot Information

  • Size: 35x25
  • Furnishing: Unfurnished
  • Floorplans: x

Required Content

  • SPs: None
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • Custom Content:Included (Just the cornice)



Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.


Blue Hydrangea

Description: 2b, 1ba - A lovely little colorful houseboat ready to take on the canals of Dronningslund!

Download info:

Blue Hydrangea is a 14x6 lot made for Dronningslund, but can of course be placed in any world.

Protip: With a little care you can use the cheat "testingcheatsenabled true" to position the boat in the canals, just click on a point in the water and transport the houseboat past the bridges. It can be a bit tricky to get right, and sims will sail to and from the lot, which can get a bit annoying. 

Used EPs: 

World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University and Island Paradise (the same as the Dronningslund world, though I assume you’d be pretty save with just the basegame and IP installed)


The “Understated Fence” from Roaring heights (un-decrappified)

"L-shaped staircases" from the Prism Art Studio set (decrappified)

The CC package included with Dronningslund

This is a slightly cleaned-up version of Basheed’s Houseboat. There’s still some store content, but it should be easy to replace if you don’t have it/don’t want it. 







I’ve been playing like a crazy in these days, and this is the house of my simself, that I managed to create WITHOUT cheats!!!
(I just fully decorated these two rooms, and a bit of exteriors; I’m buying one piece at a time xD)

I feel powerful but I have the feeling that this one will be the only save game in which I would not use cheats… 

I love playing but I always forgot to take pictures of funny moments… :(