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Christmas n' Shit

As we all know it’s christmas break and as we all are WAITING for the zerrie christmas… Well here we have it. Thanks to Perrie and Safaas (Zayn’s sister) instagram photos of the two cups we now know that the Malik family is celebrating christmas with Perrie.


This is perries recent post of Safaa holding Teddy (the “Zerrie” puppie)


perrie also posted these videos, let me just say how unnecessary those videos were (doniya made a post from the same link as in the video and it’s some “sick app” she said anyways). She only posted those videos just because people didn’t believe her that she was with the Malik family (or because it was just a simply funny app that she wanted to include safaa in to prove us that she was with the malik family), people still wasn’t convinced so what do we get a few day’s later? (TODAY, to be exact 28th december) Videos of her and Safaa, why didn’t she just make a video with the family? Because Safaa is probably the only one who likes Perrie, she (safaa) did a video saying that Zerrie wasn’t fake and no other member of the malik family has done a video or something, they have only told some fans that they aren’t fake, BUT why would zayns aunt Zileh like some pictures of Ziam and posts about “zerrie being fake” or even with the tag? if their relationship isn’t fake? people ask almost everyone who’s last name is malik if zerrie is real or not and what do they have to respond? they of course have to respond that they are real and people should stop hating on them (if their relationship is real then good that the family respects their relationship) When people caught her doing that she quickly told people off.


Moving on, this is how Safaa’s instagram looks like.

It’s all about what she got for christmas, she took some selfies of the “zerrie” animals (probably showing us that the animals were at their house or the other way around that safaa or the whole malik family was at her house?) She then posted a throwback picture of her and Liam’s mother (Karen) (MY ZIAM FEELS ARE CRYING) anyways then we have the shopping bags that perrie also posted on her instagram before safaa did,

she posted this 3 days ago, and safaa posted those bag pictures 2 days later. This screams “Zerrie christmas” But yet we still haven’t seen any pictures of Zayn with perrie or Zayn being in the house or anything.


Let’s not forget how everyone thought that in this video perrie posted it was Zayn’s voice (which wasn’t he was still in NYC)

the next day Zayn was seen in NYC airport

(If you want 1D updates follow this account, they are really good with information on where the boys are and stuff!!)

Anyway, it wasn’t Zayn on the video just to clarify that. Let’s continue

(Picture taken from Faker_than_perries_lips)

So they always keep mentioning Perrie on how she AND ZAYN got something for his family, there were rumors about this girl who even met perrie shopping with the Malik family but we only got a photo of her and perrie but no pictures of the malik family (i respect if they don’t want to take photos due to privacy) but someone could at least take a sneak photo? even his mother (I don’t know if it’s her real account or not) she posted this on instagram

They always remember to thank perrie, I mean of course they should if that’s what she bought them, they keep mentioning her like they are trying to convince us that she is there, and those videos Perrie posted was really unnecessary they were just a couple of seconds long and she probably posted them to prove to us that she was there as I said before. (or just liked the app idk)


She is probably going to  post more things, more “proof” that she is with their family, the more we say that it’s fake and that she should maybe take a picture with safaas mother or something, they’ll do it just to prove to us that they spend christmas together, why try so hard to prove to us, if they are real? They shouldn’t even throw it in our faces if it was true? They could just post a merry christmas post, a picture of them smiling and then end there but no, they keep posting things that lead back to perrie. I smell something weird in the air and honestly there will probably be more pictures and videos “leaking” later. You probably are going to ask me “well if people told you that you were faking those photos and that your boyfriend isn’t there and stuff wouldn’t you take pictures to prove them wrong?”


  1. I don’t have a boyfriend (SAD I KNOW)

  2. They should mind their own business (but in this industry people obviously can’t) I would post pictures on instagram just to prove people wrong, if I know that my boyfriend was there with me and that my photos were real, I wouldn’t feel the need to prove shit to anyone, but Zerrie (or at least perrie) tries too hard to prove stuff when she can just ignore it, but no because this relationship is meant to be about Zayn and Perrie and them spending time together so we believe in their relationship, but as I’ve said before the more they try the more we’ll know.


The weird thing is that I haven’t heard any news of Zayn for a long time, the last thing I saw of him was when he was with Naughty boy

Zayns cousins are in the photo as well.


All this is just weird, we haven’t heard of Zayn for a while (At least I haven’t if you have, please message me, IM WORRIED SICK) not since this picture.

(I bet there will be Zerrie christmas pictures out soon)


One thing I don’t get it why Jonnie isn’t with the Malik family or at least with perrie? (or he is just simply celebrating christmas with his family AS SHOULD PERRIE) Zayn and Jonnie is actually (or at least looks) like really good friends, he is almost everywhere Zayn is. (and honestly he looks more happy with jonnie sometimes than with perrie… sorrynotsorry)

Here are some pictures of them together, I don’t want to go deeply into this but just so you get my point, there are more pictures of them together but as I said i’m not going deeply into this.


This post wasn’t very long, I might update it later when we get more pictures (whenever that is) I’m going to do another post about something else, you guy’s will see what it’s about when the post is out. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME 53 followers in 4 days, AMAZING. THANKS FOR REBLOGGING LIKING AND FOLLOWING<3

The sources I’ve used for this post is an amazing account that all of you should follow Faker_than_perries_lips is her name on Instagram go follow her. A big thanks to her that let me use some of her information. xx Love you lots.


This is so badass!

In un’altra vita ti avrei scritto, ora. Ti avrei chiesto di correre qui da me, per fare l’amore, perché era tutto il giorno che non facevo altro che pensarti. No, scusa, tutta la settimana. Il mese. La vita.
—  Masashi Kishimoto

I love the little hand motions little mix does when they be slaying those high notes like damnnnn