Ask a K-Pop fan: How do you feel about living so far from Korea / Concert locations?

When I discover there’s going to be a concert being performed by my bias groups/idols, but I am residing in a location nowhere near where the concert will be taking place.

At first, I’ll be like, ‘it doesn’t affect me.’

But I start getting annoyed by the thought of it.

And, it eventually gets to me.

And, I start crying rivers. And, bawling on the floor.

“WHY AREN’T WE IN S. KOREA/(insert location here)?!”

My family and friends are like, “Lol, you’ll get over it.”



They just laugh.

Which makes me more sad.

Because, really, they don’t understand. My love for K-Pop. I love K-Pop.

The life of being an international k-pop fan.

& because plane tickets are so expensive. Might as well just ship myself to S. Korea.

BRB, waiting for fancams. 

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Inspired by Admin Bethany.
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I just got up and looked at the calendar and this happened.

just reblogging and reblogging photos of kpop:

And then BOOM! My stomach growls and im like:

So i Get up and ignore the comments about me actually being alive and find some food.Then all of a sudden i hear my mom talking about going school shopping and im like:

WTF its like the beginning of  June.

So i go and check the calendar and:

“I go back to school next week”

But i dont wanna stop reblogging pictures of korean men(with 4 chinese members)all day.”

And my mom just laughs and is like:

Gifs Challenge


1. Open your GIF folder.

2. Choose every 4th GIF after each question.

This is you:

it starts well

This is your best friend:

This is what your parents are like:

What you do when you’re alone:

How strangers see you:

How the same sex sees you:

How the opposite sex sees you:

How your crush sees you:

Your favorite fandom:

Your taste in music:

If you had a superpower it would be:

the power of fuck

You in the morning:

Your thoughts on school:

that’s right

Your reaction to being asked out:

Your parent’s reaction to you going on your first date:

What you do on Friday nights:

What you do on the weekend:

What you do in class when you should be listening:

Your reaction to failing a subject/test:

Your reaction to passing a subject/test:

Your reaction to graduating:

Your feelings on the world:

Your reaction to learning the world was going to end:

What you would do to try and save the world:

Your job:

How your kids act:

The rest of your life:

How you die:


People at your funeral: