141121 || VIXX Mokdong || ERROR Fansign

Q : When do you feel Hyuk is all grown up ?

Ken : He’s already all grown up, because he’s the tallest of us all

Ravi : Hyuk, You can’t grow taller.

Ken : I’m wondering what Leo-hyung thinks.. Charisma Leo hyung

Leo : He always seem grown up

Hyuk : Before we got here, we went to get ice cream at Baskin Robins. We ran in and all of a sudden we were all imitating Ravi’s rap part .. Ah, this actually wasn’t what I wanted to say .. Anyway, Leo was turning around and he bumped into me and said “Too tall ..”

trans.credit : taekcha

Often times when idols are seen in communte (airports, arriving on venues, etc.) they are seen wearing ear buds. However, there is usually nothing playing in them, nor are they even plugged in. They are used as a deterrence device as well as a discreetly polite way to avoid responding to screaming fans without appearing to be rude and inconsiderate.

(-random confessionsofacoordi-noona 23/??)