Fic: Future Imperfect

6.08 reaction |  Kurt/Blaine | Kurt POV | ~3,900 words | PG-13/Teens & up

Notes: I woke up way too early on Wednesday morning, unable to fall back asleep. So I wrote a fic that explored what might have happened after Blaine’s break-up with Dave in “Transitioning” (6.07) to get Kurt to the point where he’s ready to get back together with Blaine in “A Wedding” (6.08). Thanks to anon for prodding me to think about the details; redheadgleek for offering an important plot point; damnpene, nachochang, chiasmuslovesme and judearaya for handholding; likearumchocolatesouffle for SPAG and wisdom; thetalkingmalibustacydoll for enthusiasm about Blaine and awkward-but-heartfelt safer sex talks; scalpelsarefun for enthusiasm about safer sex talks in general; and lizinprogress for not being satisfied with what she got. 

If you like songs, maybe you’d like to listen to Luther Vandross’ I’d Rather and imagine Kurt singing it in the shower.

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Future Imperfect

When Kurt finds out that Blaine is no longer dating Karofsky, his first instinct is to grab Blaine and kiss him until one of them is pressed against a wall and both of them run out of breath.

Unfortunately, he and Blaine are sitting in the middle of the Lima Bean. So Kurt suppresses the instinct.

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Fic: Love a la Carte

LadyWendy202 on FFnet prompted: “Kurt is a waiter as his after school job and the place is kinda like the 50’s prime time cafe in disney world, hollywood studios so he has to flirt and tease with his customers and such and Blaine comes in” and that is so my jam you guys omg. Never-met AU in NYC, ~1500 words, PG.

Kurt braced his forearms against the counter that ran along the back of the diner and heaved out a sigh, feeling some of the tension from his last table leaking out of his body. He usually enjoyed the Spotlight’s schtick - flirting playfully with customers to establish rapport - but the table of fifteen year old girls he’d just served apparently hadn’t gotten the memo that the waiters flirted with everyone, leaving him with a lot of lip-gloss-kissed receipts and tips with phone numbers scrawled across the topmost bill. One girl had even tried to hint that she’d be back later, causing him to anxiously check his watch and see how much longer he was scheduled.

All of Kurt’s stress evaporated when a new customer wandered in the front doors, though. The boy looked like he was about Kurt’s age, and was dressed adorably in a blue cardigan and bow tie. He fit in with the diner’s vaguely Fifties theme perfectly, and he was heading for a table right in Kurt’s section.


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diet-llamas asked:

❤❤❤❤❤ your headcanons are too adorable for me to handle btw

Adorable, you say?

  1. Kurt still has his old Dalton blazer.  They wouldn’t let him give it back.
  2. And speaking of Dalton uniforms, Blaine really does own this amazingly soft and well-worn DA sweatshirt.  He still wears it a fair amount, but Kurt makes a point of stealing it every few weeks or so just so he can smell like Blaine for the day.
  3. Kurt’s a faster runner.  It’s the one sport he excels at.
  4. Also: post-combat class Kurt is a force to be reckoned with.  No one ever pushes the Anderson-Hummels around.
  5. And Kurt and Blaine?  Aren’t afraid to hold hands in public anymore.

Klaine- Thinking Out Loud (piano cover by Payson Lewis)

i have this sudden vision of kurt and blaine moving to New England after they get married—Blaine teaches music to elementary students, while Kurt writes both children’s novels and horror stories, each under separate pen names.

People ask Kurt where he gets his inspiration for his horror novels from, and he answers consistently either “Ohio” or “I have a degree in theatre”

jhatesyourcrocs asked:


They’re both afraid of it, initially.

Because for Blaine, therapy wasn’t the cure.  It didn’t extinguish the anger or frustration or fear in him after the Incident.  That moment came much later when he watched a boy face down the very real demon plaguing him and saw that he didn’t have to be afraid of his own anymore.  And he took that boy’s hand and they danced and the whole school watched and no one touched them.  And it was that moment that broke him, that made him realize there was something inside of him that hadn’t healed and needed to heal, and therapy for him wasn’t so much about finding his own courage — he already has so much of it — but about realizing that his courage wasn’t in Kurt alone.  He can stand strong alone.  Even without his rock, he is a person, too.

And for Kurt it was hard, too, to admit that he couldn’t handle his workload, his internal and external crises, everything in his life.  It was hard to admit that he had to “surrender” and seek help.  He wanted to keep fighting until he broke through and was strong again, as if his pain was merely something he could mute and return to once it had gone completely numb with time.  Except then one day he looked around an empty loft after a numberless day and realized that Blaine was gone and everything around him — all of his hard work — felt meaningless and he crumpled, and it hurt and it was like pulling teeth but he made the call.  And then it set him on the right path towards coping with the stress and fear and regret plaguing him.  It was then that he talked about how much it hurt, how hard it was, how horribly, immeasurably, unbearably alone he felt.

And somewhere in between he reconnected with Elliot, of all people, because the world of depressed people is smaller than he thought, and even admitting he had depression took weeks but it meant figuring things out and realizing what really mattered and didn’t matter to him, why he and Blaine worked and didn’t work, what possibilities were open to him.  And he grew from it, slowly but surely, and Elliot kept him steady when everyone else was gone, and his dad was there to quite literally let him cry on his shoulder when it all seemed like too much and finally, finally, things started to seem real again.  Kurt Hummel emerged again, wounds reopened but healing properly this time, staggering with the weight of his next move but also cleansed.

And returning to Lima even knowing what he’d done and what had happened took all of his resolve but he did it because he knew that some things were worth fighting for and Blaine was worth fighting for, but things had changed and he had a new crisis to cope with, a new possibility to confront, a life that was, truly, out of his control once more.

But he coped.  And Blaine did, too.  And at the end of the day they didn’t get back together because the damage of the past six months or so was erased — they got back together because they realized that they were already on the path of forgiveness and their love was stronger than their fear of failure, that they could and would work through their problems if need be, that they both were a work in progress but that’s all life is, really.

Therapy changed them.  They were both scared — and Blaine is a story unto himself, as is Kurt, both struggling with similar crises in many regards but also diverging fairly sharply on the coping mechanism front — but they made it, and it became their rock because they fixed themselves.

And that was the moment, really.  When they both knew that it wasn’t ever their relationship that had failed, or that they, personally, had failed.  But just that life stood in the way, that forces beyond their control had swept them off their feet and without the right tools to cope with them they turned the pain inward until it was unbearable and broke apart.

Now they’re healing.  Now they’re back together.  And they’re not perfect, God no, but they’re getting there.  They’re already stronger than they were before, and those wounds?  Are finally healing.

So, my three things for this can be condensed down to:

  1. They were both scared of seeking help.
  2. But it changed them both.
  3. For the better.

Kurt has got it bad for Blaine, but he can’t let his crewman know that! So he locks up all of his feelings into a tiny playlist and waits until his dorm is completely empty, then he can let it play while he sobs and sings a long (what a sap!)

This is kind of also Kurt’s reaction to Blaine making him a special playlist a few months ago, you can listen to that here!


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