Fic: New Guy

Summary: Kurt doesn’t really think he has a type until suddenly he meets the very embodiment of it, dressed in cheap polyester and with way too much gel in his hair.

A/N: Written for the klainebingo prompt “pining.” Yes, I finally remembered I have a bingo card!

College/waiters Klaine, ~3,200 words

He’s wiping down the counter at the mostly empty diner an hour into his night shift, when the boss emerges from the back, chattering away with someone Kurt has never seen before. Someone short, in a waiter’s uniform and a ridiculous amount of gel in his hair. Someone who apparently works here now.

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I can finally post my contribution to the KBP 2014 !! I got paired with the wonderful alianne, it was so fun to work with you, Thank you!!
The colabb is about Season 2, the first time that they hold hands in front of the Warblersl uwu. You can go and read the ADORABLE fic that alianne wrote for the project in here!!

"Already Home" - Kurt/Blaine

A fill for this thing that I spewed a while ago.

Vampire!Blaine/human!Kurt.  Early!Klaine.  Rachel convinces Kurt to join the Vampire Hunting Club their senior year because it’s the only one they haven’t joined.  Blaine transfers to McKinley and decides to join the club in order to try and hide in plain sight.  

Warnings for: a scene with some bullying (nothing graphic or followed through on) and consensual blood drinking as part of sex.

"You have got to be joking," Kurt says in a monotone, standing outside of the empty classroom with a simultaneously bored and exasperated expression. "Vampire Hunting Club is so last year. It’s just a bunch of Twilight nerds and a few jocks trying to look all hyper-masculine by making up stories about ‘taking out the undead’…”

"It’s the only club that we haven’t joined," Rachel says, "and we need every possible extracurricular that we can fit in if we’re going to get into NYADA, Kurt." She bounces. "Besides, our friends are already members, and I hear that they have a bead on the most current trends in hunting apparel, which I know you—”

He raises a hand, cutting her off. “We do not speak of this in public. You know that.”

"They only meet twice a month," she wheedles, tugging at his sleeve. "And there are cookies."

His eyes narrow. “If anyone asks, I’m only doing this because you made me.”

She squeals. “Yay!”

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Fic: "Chicken Hearted"

Word Count: 1400

Rating: PG-13 & 1/3 (the third is for the blowjob joke)

Summary: Kurt is having some issues writing his vows. 


“I can’t do this.”

“Oh, for the love of- Just shut up and channel your inner romance novel writer.”

Kurt scrunched up his nose. “I thought we were going for honesty here?”

“Yeah, well, when we’re dealing with a tight-lipped pro-actions-are-better-than-words advocate…”

“Are you saying I suck at being vulnerable?”

“I’m saying making a joke here about sucking versus vulnerability would work far too well. I’m surprised you’re not better at this given how romantic your future-husband is on a daily basis.”

Rolling his eyes, Kurt picked his pen up again. “We complete each other.”

“See! That’s the spirit! Just tone down the sarcasm a little and you’ll be fine.”

“I could always just repeat what he says back to him, maybe change all the words and add a few witty comme-”

“Or,” Elliott interrupted. “Revolutionary idea here: Write your own goddamn vows.”

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Best of All

My fic for the Klaine Book Project, set just after the episode “Heart.”  Please check out my lovely and talented artist, dreamingpartone!

Read all four drabbles on AO3.

Best of All

Kurt can’t help but feel annoyed when all the New Directions’ members rush at Blaine the moment Love Shack is finished, lavishing him with hugs and a million and one questions, and Blaine soaks it up.  But then his eyes find Kurt’s over Rachel’s shoulder, and his face softens.  Even after so many months, Kurt feels a fluttering in his stomach.  There is nothing in the world like the look Blaine has just for him.

Ten minutes later Blaine excuses himself to go to the restroom, and only Mike notices when Kurt moves discretely to follow.  He winks, smiling, and Kurt smiles back.

Kurt has barely turned the knob before Blaine is reaching through the door, dragging him inside and pressing him against it.  A soft kiss and then Kurt’s arms are full of boy, his heart overflowing with love and affection.  Everything feels right again, and he doesn’t want to move.

Blaine sighs then shuffles back a few inches, his head falling to Kurt’s shoulder with his forehead pressed into Kurt’s neck.  Blaine’s hand finds his, squeezing, and Kurt knows he doesn’t have to explain how much Blaine’s presence means.

Instead he says, “I brought your gift.  It’s in the car.”

Kurt can’t see his face, but he feels Blaine’s brow furrow in confusion against his skin… or maybe it’s just that he knows Blaine, knows him that intuitively.

“How did you know I’d be here?” Blaine asks.

“I, umm, well…”  Heat blossoms under Kurt’s skin as he tells Blaine about the gifts he received all week, about his meeting a little more than an hour ago with Karofsky, who he thought would be Blaine. 

He expects Blaine to be angry, but instead all he says is, “I wish I’d had his idea.  You might have been less lonely this past week.”

Kurt turns his face into Blaine’s hair, inhaling the familiar scent of raspberry gel and cologne.  “I don’t care.  I’m just so happy you’re here with me now.” 

Blaine lifts his head, but right now space is the last thing Kurt wants, so he clings to Blaine’s shoulders as Blaine moves to face him. 

“I do have something for you, but it’s… I’m afraid we’ll have to abandon the party.  We can go back first for a bit, if you like?”

Kurt thinks about it for a moment.  The party had been a lot of fun, at least after Blaine arrived, and they hadn’t been there long.  To be fair, their friends had seen Blaine even less than he had over the past month while Blaine recovered.

But he doesn’t want to think about everyone else right now, and he doesn’t really want fun, either.  He wants closeness.

He cups Blaine’s face and kisses him, long and lingering and sweet.  When he pulls back, their noses brush, their breath mingling, and his attention is drawn to Blaine’s eye.  For the first time in weeks, it looks completely normal.

Gently, he traces the shape of it, trailing his thumb across the lid.  “Does it hurt?” he has to ask.

Blaine reaches up to cover Kurt’s hand with his own, his lips catching on the flesh of Kurt’s palm.  “Barely.”

“Let’s go,” Kurt says, his eyes falling closed.  “I want to be with you.”

They slip out the bathroom door and push through one across the hall that reads Employees Only, and miraculously nobody notices.  In the middle of the kitchen sits a small table, set far too decadently for its surroundings, and two matching chairs.  There is candlelight and soft music, tiny cakes and hot tea and coffee.  But best of all, Kurt thinks, there is Blaine.

blackbirdprince said:

"I don’t have time to play tour guide." with Klaine :)

Around the third month of Blaine’s presence in the city, NYADA gets shut down for the day (something about Cassandra July contaminating the school’s water supply with home-made vodka—or something), and Kurt has all sorts of plans.
He has to finish his report on whether or not Jazz has been appropriated by mainstream culture, it’s his turn to do the grocery shopping, and he has an afternoon shift at the diner.
The break from school is a blessing, but he is quite busy.
Meanwhile, Blaine finished his presentation on an introduction to Ballet two days ago—damn his scary organisational skills—, it’s his day free from work and all he has to do is the laundry.
Which could explain why he bounds—literally, he’s like an unleashed puppy (oh, nice image)—towards Kurt with a gigantic smile on his face.

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