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If you stay at Dalton, you and I are competitors.
That’s true.
And I’m just not sure that our budding love can survive that.
Let me get this straight.I have to transfer because you’re just afraid that I’m going to beat you at Sectionals?
No, I’m afraid that I’m going to beat you.
Ooh, ooh, yeah.
And I know what that does to you when I win.

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I’m obsessed with the idea of professional dom!Kurt.

…I don’t know why it isn’t a thing. Think about the possibilities!

  • It could be an D/s world — Kurt is a dom who works part-time to help subs with their Sickness — or it could be a regular non-D/s world where Kurt is introduced to BDSM when he moves to New York.
  • Kurt could make his own schedule and choose his own subs (maybe he works through NYADA word of mouth) and still be able to audition, work for Vogue, go to school, etc. He could take on 3-4 subs at any time, see them once a week and keep up with them through texting. And not have to work as a waiter. It fits canon!Kurt really well. 
  • Every sub could need a different type of submission! Like Blaine needs a balance of rules but also praise and love. Adam wants nurturing nonsexual domination. Sebastian needs a Dom to make him submit, with lots of rules and strict punishments. Or Elliot or Sam or Finn or WHATEVER YOUR PREFERENCE MAY BE THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES FOR SUBS??? And Kurt is really good at changing his Domming to fit each sub.
  • He could go to their homes, or they could come to the Loft (lots of Santana/Rachel hilarity there!)
  • Then chemistry could build with Blaine because they match so well, and Kurt doesn’t know how to handle it because it wasn’t supposed to happen. He’s not supposed to fall in love! He wasn’t supposed to be a Dom outside of his job!
  • There can be angst, and jealousy, and chemistry, and love… total roller-coaster of emotions.


Shared Rooms

Summary: The boy who was sharing his father’s room looked so scared.

Prompt: blaine is rescued from a sex trafficking ring. he is brought to the hospital, where he meets kurt, who is there because of his father’s heart attack.

Warnings: Human trafficking, references to kidnapping and rape, PTSD

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You know an idea is bad when people are convinced it simply cannot be true - not just because they don’t like it but because it is completely out of character, unrealistic and plain ridiculous.

Unless Blaine is suffering from crippling depression which causes complete apathy or a self-loathing strong enough to not actually care who provides the physical comfort there is no way he can overcome the negative associations to a degree where he is prepared to date somebody who threatened, harassed and abused Kurt.

Dave’s story deserves to be heard and learnt from, most people would be happy to see him as an out and proud, fully functional member of society, but this is further argument against this Blainofsky absurdity - why would anyone want Dave to fall for and then presumably be dumped by someone who is so severely depressed that he no longer cares about anything?

Whether true or false the fans of this show are being underestimated, disrespected and treated with nothing but contempt by people who owe us their career.

Fic: Strong

Title: Strong

Author: Emily (Colferswift)

Summary: mothastruckas prompted: famous klaine + their fans finding out that they are together

Rating: PG-13ish

Word Count: ~798

a/n: this is just some unbeta’ed silliness to help me get out of my slump. if you’d like to prompt me, my ask and submit are open to them!

also on ao3

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