Fic: Just Around The Corner

Summary: Just another first day of school, another morning in another hallway. But sometimes you don’t know what waits for you until you’ve actually turned the corner…

A/N: Written for the Klaine bingo prompt “Teachers;” (shut up, I’m calling it a drabble anyway because it was meant to be one) ~4,900 words

It’s the first day after summer break and he’s running a bit late already because first his alarm hadn’t gone off, and then he’d spilled his coffee and stained his shirt, and then he’d had to park his car in the worst spot and sprint all the way across the parking lot to make it to his classroom on time. Three years of being a teacher and he still always feels a little overwhelmed the first day back after a long break.

There are still a good number of students left scattered around the halls, greeting their friends, chatting about their holidays, making their ways to their classrooms to get started on a new school year.

Kurt threads his way through them, a bit more hurried than they are; he really wanted to grab another coffee in the teacher’s lounge before having to face a classroom full of teenagers first thing in the morning. Only then he turns a corner a bit too sharply and is stopped in a full frontal collision with a blur of bright colors and papers flying everywhere.

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Share a Coke- Klaine Drabble

[I’m on my way back to NYC and I’m typing this on the Tumblr app. I have no “read more” so I’m very sorry, but for those who read this, I hope you like it. Just a little me being bored on my way home Drabble. :)]

Kurt slid a dollar into the vending machine and pressed the selection for a Coke. He glanced around the lunchroom as he waited for the bottle to dispense and shook his head at how rowdy it was today. This was the usual at 5th period lunch- some of the juniors and seniors of McKinley high shared this lunch hour and were still hyper from a Titans win the evening before. Today was no exception. As the thunking noise of his soda hitting the bottom of the vending machine sounded, Kurt bent down to retrieve it and went back over to his table.

He hated Mercedes for not showing up to school today. Sore throat or not, she was his only friend in this lunch period. Puck didn’t really count since he was always preoccupied with the football guys, and neither did Stoner Brett even though they shared the lunch table. Kurt wasn’t exactly his friend but he didn’t mind the company.

As he sat down in front of his lunch tray- pizza, a salad, and jello on today’s menu- Kurt nodded to Brett and pulled out his cell phone. It was more to make himself look busy than anything else, otherwise Brett may try and share something he learned while watching the history channel (while as high as a kite of course) or one of the cheerleaders might try and campaign to him for a Homecoming Queen vote.

He had no intentions of going.

He forked at the salad and took a bite as he looked down at the cell phone screen, perusing a fashion blog that hadn’t been updated in a couple months. The weight of someone sitting down on the bench across from him made him look up, and Kurt almost choked on a piece of cucumber when he saw who it was.

It was Blaine Anderson.

Blaine Anderson was freaking hot.

He hadn’t been attending McKinley High long, but it was long enough to become starting wide receiver on the Titans, make pretty much every girl swoon over him, and have the faculty going absolutely bonkers over how amazing and intelligent a young man he was.

It was also long enough for Kurt to fall head over heels in like with him.

Super deep like. Intense like.

Blaine was doing that stupidly gorgeous smile he did whenever he looked at Kurt. It was good to know he hadn’t been imagining it all this time like he convinced himself he had been. As Kurt felt his cheeks redden, he cleared his throat and looked around them for other letterman clad jocks to come over and mess with him.

It was only Blaine, though.

"Can I help you?"

Blaine smiled some more. It took everything Kurt had not to melt into a puddle right there in front of him. Those hazel eyes and those perfect lips would be the death of him if Blaine’s voice wouldn’t beat them to it.

"You have to share."

Kurt raised an eyebrow at him and watched Blaine continue to smile at him; all warmth and adorableness and gorgeousness and pleasehavemychildren-ness. “Share?”

Blaine nodded like whatever the hell he was talking about was supposed to be obvious.

Kurt was still at a loss, and he hated being confused more than anything. “Did the cafeteria run out of salad or…?”

Blaine waved his hand in the air at that and made a face as if to say “screw the cafeteria food”. He then folded both hands on the table and half of his mouth curved into a smile. “I’m not talking about the salad, Kurt.”

He knows my name, Kurt thought to himself. That was a good thing. A great thing. They did share a class together but they were on opposite sides of the room and Mr. Harrison pretty much talked nonstop throughout the lesson. Name knowing was a good thing.

Blaine picked up Kurt’s Coca Cola bottle and smiled. He turned it around so that the front of the label was facing Kurt and Kurt’s eyes went wide at what it said.

Share a Coke with Blaine.

"I’m pretty sure this means I am entitled to at least half."

Kurt started to laugh now. He knew that his eyes were doing the little crinkle thing he was self conscious about but he couldn’t stop himself. Blaine bit his lip as he watched him.

"I don’t think there are laws saying that I absolutely have to share with you just because your name is on it."

Blaine shrugged. “Maybe not. But you should share with me.”

Kurt put his fork down and looked across the table to Blaine. He smirked and reached over to grab the bottle, opening it as Blaine watched him. “Fine. You can have a sip even though this is weird.”

Blaine smiled. “If I had a Coke bottle with your name on it I would definitely come and give you a bit. I might even let you have the whole thing.”

"Don’t push your luck," Kurt said, smiling as Blaine laughed. He handed it over and crossed his arms over his chest. Blaine picked the bottle up.

"Are you going to Homecoming?"

Kurt shrugged. “I’ve been considering it. Mercedes has been asking me to go. …My friend who I sit with usually.”

Blaine tipped the bottle in the air and started to take an air drink. Kurt watched with a smile as Blaine tried his hardest to successfully get all the soda in his mouth without missing, and he did pretty decent. After licking his lips and smiling, Blaine continued.

Kurt hadn’t meant to stare, but he hoped that the boy didn’t notice.

"Mercedes is right. You should go. I think it’s going to be fun. My old school didn’t have dances and what not- well Dalton, the school I transferred from didn’t."

Kurt nodded to him. “The all-boy school, right?”

Blaine nodded in response. “Correct.” He took another drink and smiled as Kurt reached for the bottle back.

"It says share, Blaine. Remember that."

Blaine chuckled as he unbuttoned his letterman jacket a bit. “Sorry. But about the dance.”

Kurt finished chewing a bite of his pizza and looked up at Blaine curiously. He could feel his neck heating up. The way Blaine looked at him alone was enough to cause goosebumps to cover his skin. “What about it?”

Blaine hesitated for a moment and Kurt wondered if his eyes were playing tricks on him or if he actually saw a blush on the ever so cool Blaine Anderson’s face. “I was thinking, I mean, I don’t have a date. I’m guessing since you don’t seem to be sold on going that you don’t have one either.”

Kurt smiled as he looked at the soda bottle in front of him. Blaine’s name stared back. If this was some sick joke, he was going to kick someone’s ass. “You guessed correctly, unfortunately.”

Blaine waited a beat before nodding. He stood up and Kurt watched him with curious eyes.

"I’ll be right back," he said.

Kurt nodded. His eyes followed Blaine and he sighed at how attractive the boy was; dark hair that curled a bit, and fitted jeans, and that walk alone was enough to drive him crazy. He was hot and a McKinley Titan and guys like that weren’t exactly the type to openly pursue Kurt Hummel. What the hecking heck.

"He’s totally going to ask you to Homecoming," Brett told him with a proud I-Solved-the-Mystery-Before-Scooby look on his face. Kurt stared at him for a moment before watching Blaine once more. Blaine stood at the vending machine now, shoving a dollar in a couple times before it was accepted and reaching down to grab his purchase.

His ass was beautiful. Kurt bit his lip. Brett laughed, totally aware of what was going on in Kurt’s head until he received a bitch glare that told him to mind his damn business.

Blaine turned around and walked over to his table with the rest of the jocks. Puck said something to him and he nodded, digging around in his backpack for something before taking his seat.

Kurt couldn’t help but watch him. As a matter of fact, his lunch became less appealing altogether and whatever the hell the kid he’d been secretly crushing on for the past few weeks was up to was much more interesting. But, Kurt didn’t want to stare. He tried to busy himself on the tumblr fashion blog, and by sending a text to Mercedes, just to check on her and see if she was doing alright. Keeping busy was harder than Kurt anticipated it to be, though.

After a few minutes, Blaine stood to his feet again and walked over, a Coca Cola bottle in hand. He retook his seat and smiled shyly at Kurt.

"So," Kurt said, gesturing to the bottle. "Had to get one of your own, huh?"

Blaine smiled. “I don’t mind sharing, though.”

Kurt laughed lightly and ducked his head, just to do something that didn’t involved looking at Blaine Anderson. It was unfair for a human to be so beautiful. Seriously. “If your Coke has my name on it then this was without a doubt a set up. I’m calling bull crap.”

Blaine laughed as he turned the bottle around. The label had a name on it, but Blaine had whited it out completely. In its place was “Share a Coke with your Homecoming Date”. Kurt read it and laughed, shaking his head as his cheeked burned a scarlet color.

"Wow. So you’re going to share with me?"

Blaine nodded at him. “If your answer is yes, then definitely.”

Kurt bit his lip playfully as he pretended to think about it. The answer was without a doubt going to be yes but he had to play it up for dramatic purposes. Blaine’s eyes had moved to the action and Kurt smiled when he noticed.

"Well you do owe me some Coke…"

Blaine smiled at him and nudged the bottle forward. “Then go on…”

Kurt grabbed the bottle and carefully took an air drink. He swallowed and returned the cap before handing the bottle back over to a grinning Blaine Anderson.

"So you’ll pick me up when?"

"Seven," Blaine answered quickly. "So this is definitely a date, right?"

Kurt blushed. He couldn’t believe this. As their peers watched them curiously from around the cafeteria, he nodded.

"It’s a date."

"Good." Blaine smiled and picked up Kurt’s phone from the table, entering all of his information. "Text me and maybe we can go get coffee soon- coordinate our tuxedos and all that good stuff."

Kurt nodded, watching Blaine’s fingers type. “I’d love that.”

Blaine winked at him before sliding the phone back over and it was enough to make Kurt melt, but he held on.

"I’m curious to know," Kurt began, gesturing to the Coke bottle with the terrible white-out job. "What name was on the label before you changed it for incredibly clever Homecoming proposal purposes?"

Blaine smiled and took Kurt’s hand. “Brett.”

Sooo I was wondering...


In the episode “100” there was the “Diva-off” between Rachel and Mercedes, and it ended in a draw.

But let’s just think about it for a second.

Every member of the New Directions voted, except for Rachel and Mercedes themselves, right? Right.
Who do we have?
Puck, Quinn, Tina, Mike, Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Kitty, Marley, Jake, Unique and Ryder.
If you count them you can clearly see that they’re 15. 15.
So how could the competition end in a draw?
The only possible reason is that one vote wasn’t counted because someone didn’t chose between them two.
So what did this someone write on his piece of paper?
The only reasonable possibility is that he wrote an other name istead of “Rachel” or “Mercedes”, and since “Defying Gravity” was sung by Rachel, Mercedes AND Kurt, I think the only other possibility was just him.

Who do you think could have voted for his fiancé, just because he couldn’t think about anyone better than him, even though he was not in competition?


Puppy/Werewolf Fic Recs

I love werewolf/puppy/hybrid fic. I know that the kitty thing is probably one of the bigger hybrid tropes in this fandom but honestly, puppies, okay? I’m glad you get my point. But Mandeh asked me for a big rec list of all the puppies in fandom and I was excited to get to go through my fic for this. 

One again, as always, if you have anything to add let me know! Fandom is huge and I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Big Moon Rising by Rainjoy. The gay teenage werewolf thing just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

Puppy!Blaine Verse by Unbound Ropes. Series of fics about hybrid puppy!Blaine and his teenage owner, Kurt Hummel.

Truth about Cats and Dogs by Alittledizzy. Blaine just wants to be a good boy.

Puppy Love by Missbeizy. Kurt is a human born as a breeder, capable of impregnating hybrid carriers. Blaine is a hybrid carrier, a canine male capable of being impregnated. He’s brought to a clinic to be bred as necessary—if hybrids don’t mate during their heat they can die—and Kurt is assigned to him, though he gets a lot more than he bargained for and finds himself instantly drawn to the young hybrid.

Stir Up the Beast Inside by Idoltina. Glimpses into the life of alpha werewolf Kurt Hummel. (Or, a retelling of canon with supernaturals.)

Lycan Verse by Triddlegrl. Months ago he was really depressed and Finn made him get this dog. Kurt really doesn’t like dogs but this one turned out to be pretty special. The dog ran away and Kurt ran after him, because that’s what you do when you love someone and you don’t want to lose them. Only he got bit by this werewolf and doesn’t remember it, and that dog was actually a wolf too and his name is Blaine. It’s his job to bear the bad news that Kurt’s life is over, which sucks because he’s sort of in love with him. And that’s what you missed on Glee. (Still WIP)

When You Wish by Missbeizy. Blaine wishes for a second chance and gets it—just not quite in the way he expects. (Warning: Kurt in a dog body. Think animagus style.)

Collared by Missbeizy. Puppy!Blaine knotting human!Kurt (set when they’re boyfriends in high school).

Heart of One by Coribird. In which the boys are werewolves but Kurt has no idea what Blaine claiming him as a mate really entails. 

For Which I Have to Howl by Emilianadarling. Tension is rising in the pack, and having the very-human Kurt Hummel come to visit his brother and boyfriend is putting a strain on everyone. Having Blaine and Kurt mate should help the problem, but the process proves to be more complicated – both physically and emotionally – than either of them could have imagined.

Draw Your Lines [Kurt/Blaine] PG-13 8/?

Written for the lovely (and indescribably patient) dumbchemist, who prompted it a while back now.  A 5x07 Puppet Master AU where Blaine’s hallucinations are caused by a brain tumor.

No character death, but fairly heavy angst; hurt/comfort throughout.  

A very belated installment to an ongoing story.  My deepest apologies for how long it’s taken to finally write this; more will definitely be coming soon.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Also available on ffnet.

~2,500 words

“Are you comfortable?”

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Glee spoiler: "For Blaine, dating Karofsky is about shaking his life up post-break up with Kurt"



So what you’re saying is that Blaine is just using Karofsky. As if he’s going through his bad boy phase or something

The same Karofsky that has been proven to be emotionally unstable

the same Karofsky that attempted suicide because he was heartbroken and outed 

The same Karofsky who, to our knowledge, has never actually dated someone before Blaine, so the relationship will probably really special to him

And Blaine’s just using him to to get over Kurt? 

Which is also a MAJOR slap to the face for Kurt because while he and Karofsky have made up, he still did used to viciously bully kurt so there’s  still probably some lowkey bad blood.

but if yall wanna keep pretending like Blaine can’t be VERY petty and manipulative like we’ve been saying; be my guest


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So I’ve decided I’ll forgive Glee for its repetitive, circular break-up storylines if they have Blaine or Kurt (or both) sing this at some point this season. Preferably as an acoustic choir room performance turned emotional glances and sad heart eyes but that tells the other, “Yo, still in this, still love you, but we’ve gotta get through this better than we did last time.”


This is the Scandals part of the call sheet - some is very hard to read but this is what it looks like:

Episode 601, Scene 41 (End of Act 5)

Kurt, Blaine, Dave

Scandals: Kurt meets Blaine, Karofsky’s arrival stuns Kurt

Episode 601, Scenes 42 and 44 (Act 6)

Kurt, Blaine, Dave

Scandals: Blaine’s bear love tests Kurt’s mettle

Episode 601, Scene 43

Blaine, Dave, bar patrons

Flashback - Scandals: Country Bear night; electric slide

Episode 601, Scene 45


Scandals restroom: Kurt can’t keep the tears in


My thoughts:

Dave’s arrival surprises Kurt.  Of course it would. Kurt hasn’t seen or heard from Dave since he saw him in the hospital over a year ago. He’s curious as to why Dave is there – why Blaine and Dave are friends/friendly.  No big deal.  “Blaine’s bear love”.  It’s Country Bear night.  Blaine is drunk, upset, hitting on gay bear men? Hooting and hollering at the gay men dancing?  Who knows - doesn’t imply B/D romance.

Ok, so B met D at the bar and they all danced in the flashback.  Blaine also danced drunkenly with Seb in TFT. That meant nothing. I’ve seen gay men all dance together at clubs – it looks suggestive but it’s just drunken fun.  Means nothing.  No biggie.

Kurt cries because he had broken up with Blaine, and regrets it.  Maybe misinterprets B/D friendship for more than it is. Again,  miscommunication – seeing things that aren’t really there.  Kurt is hurting and jealous of their friendship?

There are 6 call sheets and only 2 are shown.  SO much not seen.  Everything is missing except a sentence about what the crew needs to know…so they know what they’re shooting. There’s a page ripped at the bottom which has info on it. You’re working with 5 lines of descriptor that’s IT. The rest is the unsourced “spoilers” online.

Again, this is getting people riled up and talking.  Even the media is starting to talk about it (and ridicule it).  That’s their goal now.  It’s so early – the general public has forgotten about Glee and most probably won’t tune in.  How many comments have we read from people who don’t even realize the show is even still ON?  So they need the buzz – however awful it is.  I’m sure there are some truths to the “spoilers” but most of it is misinterpreted and exaggerated.

It’s just not worth your health or your time to worry needlessly about this shit until January.  My choice is to not watch it live (do NOT give the the ratings) and see what really happens.  It’s probably a far cry from what we’re speculating about now.