First thing were gonna do , is were gonna acknowledge that this guy is awesome….. I mean he shoots Theo Tonin…… fakes his own death in a spectacular fashion…. Pushes a guy out of a aeroplane whilst he’s flying it….. Parachutes into Harlan county, with enough coke and cash, to jump start the economy of a small country!!!…….. Then he has the balls to get a job in law enforcement. Not once! but two times. He spends a couple of days riding around with you (points to Raylan)….. while your looking for him……. And now he’s run off with a hooker who’s half his age……… that’s some bad ass shit !

Art Mullen on Drew Thompson

yes people its Bobby from Spn badass in all tv shows !!!

Looks like FX is officially sticking to Raylan Givens’ guns: As ancipcated, the network has announced that it has renewed fan favorites Justified and Archer for their third seasons. The renewal makes plenty of sense for the cable network. After all, Justified — starring Timothy Olyphant — has enjoyed burgeoning ratings, which have ticked up 8 percent during season 2, while Archer was up 22 percent from last season.

More of my favorite shows continue to get renewed for next year. I got mad respect for you right now, FX.