É contagioso

O amor, porém, é contagioso, com especialidade na solidão, onde a alma tem necessidade de uma companheira, e quando de todo não a encontra, divide-se ela própria para ser duas: uma, esperança; outra, saudade.

José de Alencar

Recurrences in JA

Something I’ve been thinking about lately are how the Recurrences in the JA universe are treated/looked upon, etc. 

Like, we get it. Jupiter was the “reincarnation” of Seraphi Abrasax: the late matriarch of the Abrasax Industries, the head of the most powerful dynasty in the universe, etc etc etc. It’s in Jupiter’s DNA to be what Seraphi was. 

Except not really. 

Let me explain. 

Literally the only reason Jupiter got anything out of this “Recurrence” deal was because Seraphi decided to leave something in her will for her Recurrence. And since the object in question, Earth, was entitled to Balem before discovering Jupiter’s existence, that peeved him off and is what got her into this mess. Without Seraphi’s decision to screw her son over, Jupiter wouldn’t have received jack. 

So then, why was she referred to as “Your Highness” and stuff like that?? Literally all she got was one planet handed to her. That’s not much to be proud of as an Entitled. Why is she as respected and prioritized as Seraphi when she is most certainly not Seraphi, nor as powerful as Seraphi was? What’s the deal??

Her DNA made her an Entitled, but it was Seraphi’s choice that made her special. 

This entire thing could be debunked if someone just reminded me that Seraphi also left in her will the right for her Recurrence to become the Head of the Abrasax industries. But as far as my memory goes, all Seraphi left for her Recurrence was Earth. The rest was divided among her children. So even with Balem out of the way, there was still Titus and Kalique, who both owned far more than Jupiter. She’s not even a head of the Abrasax family, right? So then why is she getting treated like supreme royalty when she’s technically just another Entitled that happened to look like Seraphi?