Just a Kiss || Hudrose F2F

Finn couldn’t believe he was doing this. He actually had a date. A date. He hadn’t been on one since high school and now he found this perfect girl who agreed to going out with him. She didn’t say no. She actually wanted to. And she liked that he had a daughter. This must’ve been a dream. Maybe he did have too much to drink the previous night when he went out with Puck. But he hoped that wasn’t it. As he finished getting ready, he called Piper and told her good night before locking up the house and going next door to pick up Marley.


Lima City Highlights || Hudrose F2F

Finn just got off the phone with Piper when he looked in the mirror to see how he looked. Honestly, he was nervous about this outing with his next door neighbor. Marley was attractive, he couldn’t deny that, and he wanted to spend more time with her. But the first step was seeing if Piper liked her. If his daughter didn’t, he wouldn’t do anything. His baby girl was the number one thing in his life and nothing would change that. So if he was going to start seeing someone, they both had to approve. But Marley was so nice that he was sure Piper would love her. 

He turned away from the mirror and grabbed his keys before walking out the door and making the short trip next door. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door, shaking the nerves out of him as he waited for someone to answer.


The Party || Hudrose F2F

Marley stood around and watched the party as she drank her second beer. While she really didn’t like the taste, she at least wanted to drink something and a guy just handed her this without giving her any real options for anything other than that. So she settled on this. This was her first college party. Her first party ever with alcohol. And she only came because her roommate dragged her. It was supposed to be a meet and greet for all the freshmen made by someone other than the college and a lot of people were there. She wondered how many she’d actually be friends with and how many she’d never see again except maybe in passing in the cafeteria or around campus but she’d never actually talk to them. She wondered if she’d meet her soul mate like her parents. But she doubted it since she stood by the wall and wasn’t going to leave her safe spot to mingle.


Giving Thanks (While Naked In Bed) || Hudrose

Finn turned over in his sleep and smacked something.  It definitely wasn’t, like, pillow and it made his eyes fly open.  He was still mostly asleep and he was warm and happy and he didn’t wanna…


Shit.  He’d totally backhanded  his girlfriend in bed on accident because he was still getting used to sometimes sleeping with another person in the bed.  He was a bit slow, but gradually he remembered; shopping to make dinner.  Phone calls to both of their moms through the late afternoon and evening—moms who were probably still laughing their asses off and expecting a call from Columbus when they managed to burn down the apartment building.  Anyway, those weren’t the important parts.

He was waking up with her, and it never happened, and they were spending the whole awesome day together.  He rubbed his hand over the place on her body he’d sleep-smacked (or… approximately.  His eyes were closed again.)  and then flopped his hand around to find the top of the comforter so he could pull it up over them both where it’d slipped as they slept.  He let out a huge yawn and then snuggled up next to her, begging the world for just five more minutes please before he remembered he didn’t totally care.  They didn’t have anywhere to be.

He could totally wake her up and then they could take a nap after. Thanksgiving in bed with no obligations was gonna be the best thing that had ever happened to him. And hopefully her.  Them.

There was really no way for him to help it; his lips automatically found the spot on the back of her neck that drove him a little crazy and, by the time they did, he was turned on.  Plus, okay, it was morning and that happened a lot in the mornings. 

"Guess what day it is," he managed in a low voice, his lips still brushing against her skin.  "And even better… guess where we need to be today?" 

Shooting Star || Hudrose

Marley tucked some hair behind her ear as she walked through the hall. She just came from the choir room and, technically, that’s where she was supposed to be, but she needed to talk to her mother and wanted to see if she needed any help. Marley didn’t want to skip glee that day but she knew the kitchen was missing a few lunch-ladies that day and wouldn’t mind helping her mom. She didn’t even think to tell Finn she might not be in the choir room that day but she knew he’d understand.

don't let go | hudrose

Marley was already in tears by the time she started the engine to her car. With her mother’s pleading, she dialed 911 immediately and began telling the police of what was happening. “Hello? My mother is stuck in a school shooting,” she said, weeping, “and my friend got shot. She told me to call for help.” She knew she shouldn’t be driving in the condition she was in, especially not with a potentional killer roaming around the school, but she’d rather be dead than know her mother might die without Marley fighting for her mother’s life. “Please, help him. I th-think that police is already there, but let them know—send an ambulance.” 

She nodded as the operator told her to remain calm, but she knew that staying calm wasn’t an option. She was driving frantically, praying that no one would crash into her. All she could think about was the fact that someone had shot Finn. He might be dead.

She hoped that her mother was helping with the bleeding. She heard the shooter run out of the room the second that there was a thump on the other line, letting her know that a body had fallen. Had Finn done that for Millie? Marley didn’t have time to process that before she was pulling into the scene, gasping as she saw a dozen police cars circling the building. A dozen policemen were at the door, presumably trying to talk the kid out of what was going on. She swerved and parked her car quickly, coming face to face with an officer. She raised her arms defensively, shaking her head. “No, my mom’s in there! My friend was shot! They’re going to get killed!” She screamed at the officer as he tried to hush her and convince her to get back into the car.