There’s something about you, something I just can’t put my finger on. It’s the way you laugh, that makes me laugh and fall harder everytime. The way you laugh for a minute on end when you hear someone else laugh, or when you try and say something but it’s just laughs, it gets me everytime. It’s that voice, your voice could make me do anything. From the weird sounds you make to just the sound of kisses against your guinea pig, to the way you say no when I tell you im hanging up on facetime, your voice is heaven. Or maybe it’s your personality, the way you can act like the cutest person in the world for one minute, or just be an ass hole in a joking manor, but ass holes are rad, as are you. But maybe it’s your obsession with scary movies that makes me fall for you, from the way you look weirdly at the trailers like you’re judging them, to saying “what the fuck” during the weird movies, you’re just cute. Or maybe it’s just you in general, im obsessed with you, and I know that obsessed is like “wtf that’s weird” no like im legitimately obsessed with you, and im obsessed with everything about you. Things were crap for me in my past, and I was so hurt by someone that I didn’t think I could fully recover and find someone new, but I did and it’s you, and it’s an amazing feeling when you can admit to yourself “I really am genuinely happy with this girl” instead of wondering if im just saying im happy because I want the other person to want me. Everything’s been better since I met you, and I really don’t wanna let what we have go. You’re amazing nugget and I’ve completely fallen head over heels for you. I’ll see you soon
—  everything I’ve felt with you (goverboard)