Halo 2: Anniversary - Lockout

Lockout will be joining Ascension, Coagulation, Sanctuary and Zanzibar as the remade maps for Halo 2: Anniversary’s multiplayer.

It looks bloody gorgeous, it really does, and I’m sure it’ll be super fun to play on, but I must admit to some disappointment that we’re getting maps that have already been remade in the past that we’ll just be able to play again in the other games of the collection. Was hoping for maps like Gemini, Relic, Waterworks, Containment and so on, personally.

Do note the creatures that are in Lockout’s containment tubes are the same that appear in the Halo 4 multiplayer map Abandon. I still think that they’re Pheru in the early stages of Flood-infection from 110,000 years ago…

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sooo good. wow. just wow

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Time for a wee bit of nostalgia…


Starting September 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Halo: Reach for free through September 30th thanks to the Games with Gold program. Prefect time for those who’ve never played it to try it out. And a perfect time to feast on noobs.


Alright, I’m back with a build!

Halo ODST replica gloves.

This one was started and nearly finished while in L.A. this summer, but it wasn’t done for the shop I was working in. I did most of it in the shop in my spare time, and they certainly wouldn’t have turned out as good as they did without the advice of some of the guys at the shop.

Now, I made these because I have a suit of ODST armor I made while in high school a few years back, and I never got around to doing accurate gloves. They’re really the only part of the armor that was never accurate, and I’ve been wanting to do these for ages. I’ll probably post the armor at some point, but I’m not going into the full build here, mostly because it was so long ago.

Anyway, the build! 

I started this by making a 3D pattern of my hand. I put on a latex glove and wrapped my hand in masking tape, then made reference marks as to where major designs should rest on my hand. After cutting it off, I took the reference pictures I’d gathered and began sketching designs onto the tape. When I settled on the pattern I liked, I traced it in sharpie.

I debated on attempting to build the design in layers of clay, but I settled on a more experimentally route: 3D printing. I had taken my printer to L.A., so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I scanned my patterns into my computer, then dropped them into AutoCAD. From there, I traced the patterns, cleaned them up, and extruded them. It was done in two models, the palm and backhand, because the model would have been just a little too wide for my printer. Starting with the left hand, the models were then printed out in PLA. Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of the printed piece, I guess I just forgot to get some.

I brought the two parts of the left glove into the shop to do some work on it and show the guys what I was doing in my free time. At the recommendation of one of the guys, Franco, I put the two pieces together how I wanted them, and poured a mold of it. It was a master was cast in smoothcast 320. His reasoning was that the printing plastic would be a pain to smooth (which it is), and urethane works easily. 

From there, the whole glove was smoothed with bondo and spot putty, because the downside of 3D printing is that it leaves lines from the printing process. I spent a few days going between finishing sanding and filler primer. 

The left mold is made from Mold Star 30, Smooth-on’s platinum cure silicone. It has to be platinum because the rubber is urethane, and wont cure properly with tin cure silicone. The right gloves mold is Mold Star 16. The reason between the two is that the shop let me use what they had, so at one point, Franco had mixed some extra for another project and gave the rest to me, the other was some extra another guy had bought.

The gloves themselves are made from BJB F-60, a super flexible urethane rubber. The rubber cures to a translucent yellow, but can was tinted grey.

After the glove was poured and tested, I liked the way it fit, so I when ahead and repeated the process for the second glove. 

I didn’t get to sew the gloves to a base pair of fingerless gloves until I got back to Pittsburgh. I ordered some basic black fingerless gloves from Amazon, and then cut the fingers even shorter. I put the gloves on, and painted contact cement onto the backhand on each side, then carefully aligned it and attached it. Sadly, contact cement alone isn’t strong enough, so I had to spend a day sewing the edges of the rubber to the glove. After the front was on, the palm was attached with the same method.

When after it was all sewn in place, the glove was given a quick black wash, with a little bit of brown for dirt, to finish it off.

The left glove is actually being sewn down as I type this, I just needed to give my fingers a break.

All that  work for a single pair of gloves… I must be mad. 

On the plus side, I will sell these on request! The other reason I made these is because accurate ODST gloves are a rarity that I’ve only seen done right one other time, and I wanna change that.

Please note: If you want a pair, while I do sell them, I only sell the rubber piece, not the final gloves. You have to do the finished work yourself, which is really just sewing them down and doing a quick wash. The reason being is that these where made for my hands, so I have no way of making sure they’re properly fit for your hand, so just be aware if you’re thinking of asking.

Anyway, that’s what I have for now, thanks for sticking around threw that wall of text! As always, if you got questions, please ask!


we had no way of knowing that the forerunners were not your only enemy. weakened from our conflict, we were no match for the parasite which pursued you.

in the forerunners’ quest for transcendence, the composer had been intended to bridge the organic and digital realms. it would have made us immortal but its results soured. the stored personalities fragmented, and our attempts to return them into biological states created only abominations.

for the-stars-will-be-ours

If anyone makes you feel bad for reading/writing fanfiction/OC’s remind them that Ref vs Blue is the longest running web series and sci-fi show in America. And the fact it is literally a fanfiction based on Halo. And that it is backed by Microsoft and 343 Industries.

  • Halo 3 Screenshot collection

For record purposes. This was my heyday. Everyone remembers the times, staying up all night with friends playing custom games, or meeting new people in matchmaking. Each of these screenshots represents something in my heart. 

Never forget.