Deleted Scene Spotlight #3: Halo Jump Speech

This deleted scene is rather well known. The scene appears to take place sometime before or after when Ford and other soldiers are briefed on what they are doing. Stenz tells the men that what they are doing they may have no experience for, and that nobody has ever faced a situation like this before as Ford watches on.

The images here were pulled from three seperate videos online compiled together.

ok so i don’t know if any of you use pivot and stuff but im kinda working on a project; create a bunch of vehicles/creatures/etc. in pivot that actually work and stuff.

so far im working mostly/strictly on covenant, and heres some images of my progress so far:

covie shadow, with seperate parts for the turret and troop thingy. ghost nor carbine is not mine.

locusts that i made. V2 is on the left, V1 is on the right.

a hunter! the arm, body and shield are seperate parts.

gauntlets, arm-shields and helmets for the skirmisher, as well as a helmet for the huragok.

a covenant corvette. background, CCS cruiser, assault carrier and boarding craft are not mine.

a covenant phantom. the bright purple one is the original model i traced it from, the light purple one is actually transparent and at it’s origonal size, and the biggest one is the phantom i made but enlarged.

elites, a skirmisher and the huragok model with the transparent models at their original size in the background. I did not make the chief model.

the original skirmishers. theres actually two versions; one with one of the forearm feathers on one side and one with the forearm feathers on the other. plasma pistol is not mine.

V2 of my jackal, with energy shield gauntlet sprite.

V1 of my jackal, one having a ‘beak’ and the other not.

and my newest addition, the halo reach seraph. it also has a bendable ‘tail!’

when i finish this i’ll make a big zip file of the pack and release it online here, deviantART and possibly other sites. I’ll also include other pivot models that are not mine for the sake of convenience for people who do want a CCS cruiser and stuff.