Been watching fairy tail for a few years and still my favorite anime ;v;

and I always wanted to draw my fav characters,but its not easy when it comes to fanarts! TT_TT

oh well liked the result here,anyway XD Natsu Dragneel of course :3

Natsu dragneel from Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (C)  Hiro Mashima

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I made this because I’m taking precautions. Other than that, ignore me I’m just being annoying. 

Only reblog if you accept this. 

  1. No matter what Hiro Mashima creator of Fairy Tail does, we will not bash him. For example call him a sell out etc.
  2. If for some reason he makes your NOTP canon we will not harass him. For example if you ship Nalu and he makes Nali. 
  3. We will try to respect each couples tags as much as we can. If you know you hate the pairing avoid the damn tag.
  4. We will not crosstag. If you see someone from your fandom crosstagging you are responsible as your ship mate to tell them in a respectful way to stop.
  5.  You will check the tags and research if there is an argument before commenting such as for example “omg fandoms stop fighting” when in reality no one is fighting and was only one person who said something rude. It only causes misunderstanding.
  6. If the manga is disappointing you be sure that once making a comment it won’t rain on people who actually enjoy the manga.
  7.  If you dislike a character be sure to have a valid argument and tag in the anti tag. For example “Anti-LucyHeartfilia”
  8. If you hate a pairing, stay in the anti tag and don’t bother those who actually do. Use “Anti-Nalu” Don’t forget the” - “.  
  9.  No matter what ending Mashima pulls out at the end we will respect him.
  10. No matter what there would never be an “Anti-Mashima” Facebook page, tag, etc.
  11. Try not to be so rude or complain too much about Fairy Tail, power ups and expected cliche moments. I mean c’mon its Fairy Tail what do you expect?
  12. Be respectful, considering of the fandom. Your opinion is valid, but if you care for the fandom please think of who it might effect, ask yourself “would my comment start a ship war?” 
  13.  We are the fairy tail fandom, based on a manga of friendship and love, preach what you read. 
  14.  Try not to support hate blogs or hateful actions. 
  15. If you hate shipping and complain thats the only thing the fandom does, please direct yourself to the correct forums and people. In reality it is perfectly okay to only care about specific stuff and people aren’t there to fit your needs.
  16.  Avoid getting into arguments, I know its tempting but lets be the better person.
  17. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it.
  18.  People are free to ship what they want don’t make them feel bad for it. People can dislike a character. People can have an opinion as long as they are respectful to others.
  19.  Consider this is a fictional story where logic and serious issues do not apply. 
  20.  If a chapter is late, make sure to check its not a holiday, don’t bother mashima asking him about it, its not his fault. If you have twitter make sure to tell others. 
  21. Don’t generalize a whole fandom for one person. 
  22.  Fairy Tail Fandom sticks together beyond everything.  

Gray X Juvia

(again, I suck at choosing a nice title xD)

My entry for that worldwide Fairy Tail Fanart Contest.
Even so volume 46 released at 17th November (said the Fairy Tail wiki), I couldn’t find anything about the winners. (The winners artworks should get printed into volume 46)
But well, even so the winners aren’t announced yet, (or at least not were I live) I decited to upload my entry now^^

Gray and Juvia are one of my favorite characters. I had to draw those two cuties~

Hope you like it