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do you think you could write something involving airsickness? maybe the character tries to hide it at first, but then once they get sick the first time they start showing how bad they feel. (and multiple pukes in an airsick bag with lots of dry-heaving) please and thank you god bless this blog honestly

Foster had insisted that Ava take the window seat, and she agreed easily. She knew how badly he hated flying, but traveling by plane was their best option to visit their friends and family back home, so she promised him that she’d do whatever he needed to get through the ordeal. Now, as they flew high above the earth, Ava gazed at the clouds outside her window.

“How are you holding up?” she asked, turning and giving Foster a smile.

Foster let out a shaky breath, holding the armrests in a white-knuckled grip . “Not super great,” he admitted.

“You’re okay,” she promised. “Honestly, I fly all the time. It’s way faster and safer than driving.”

He snorted. “Yeah, but I don’t have to worry about losing my lunch in front of a ton of strangers if I’m in a car.”

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