Didn’t see that coming… 📱 (W/ LEO THE GIANT)

"Despite some issues about the new “Latina” princess, what really irks me is that she looks like a María (The Book of Life) rip-off with some of Jasmine’s features thrown into her design. I think it’s very unoriginal and saddening that they didn’t make an effort to create a new character if not just steal and reuse features from already existing ones."

Put down your phone. Stop allowing yourself to be available to people who wouldn’t do anything for you. Put your phone down and pick up a water bottle, chug it if you have to. You’re thirstier than you think. Your body needs water. Put your phone down and eat. It’s easy to ignore eating and delay it when you’re on it. Taste your food. Don’t just let it slide down your throat. Put down your phone and read a book. Play guitar. Watch your favourite movie. There’s a reason why you’re so tired, and it’s not just because you’re doing nothing.
—  Something my 14 year old sister told me.