So, I don’t normally post my personal life on tumblr, but I just had to share this!

I met someone! Ahh I know, finally after years of being alone I finally met someone. He’s tall, nice eyes cute goofy smile and he is perfect with a capital P for me!
We swapped numbers over the weekend and have been texting all week.
One subject we got onto was TV shows. And he ticked all the boxes!
Doctor Who? tick
Game of Thrones? tick
Mad Men? he hadn’t actually heard of mad men but I can live with that!

So then came the big question…
So, what do you think of Sherlock?
I wait anxiously for the reply, have I blown it? Have I gone too fan girl?
*new text alert*
Oh yeah I love Sherlock Holmes!

Well, that was it, the wedding had been planned, I was walking down the aisle, the words I Do, had just left my lips when
*new text alert*
Elementary is just brilliant!
I pause, the ceremony taking place in my head haults, okay, I think to myself, don’t jump to conclusions. I pick up the phone and type out a reply:
Oh, can’t say I’ve ever seen Elementary, I’m more of a Benedict Cumberbatch kinda gal lol
*new text alert*
I watched the first episode of the BBC version,thought it was pretty rubbish tbh.

After a wedding that lasted approximately 30 seconds, the divorce was finalised.

All I could think of was this picture:


I still haven’t text him back…
True story.

"Rip Off" is THE most important Watson episode on Elementary


“Who knows…
              if you do write a book, someone might be interested to read it”

— Sherlock Holmes to Kitty Winter, NOT Watson, in 3x05.

No one’s freaking out in the fandom so I wonder how many grasped the significance of what went down. This is HUGE, for Watson. Yes her complete absence was distracting, many jumped to the conclusion that Kitty Winter is replacing Joan Watson. 1.) How is that possible in a Sherlock story. 2.) I’m an english speaking Asian female filmmaker shut up I understand gender/race representation disparities more then you. 2.) Allow me to explain why Kitty Winter’s presence and her erasing of Watson’s “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes" is really THE best thing ever for Joan Watson.
In fact, I’m freaking out over how monumental this is in the entire history of “SHERLOCK HOLMES” and it’s adaptations.

You see, Sherlock Holmes was a fictional masterpiece written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, narrating as Dr. Watson. Almost every single adaptation of this story and character has stuck to that; Sherlock is the protagonist, the focus and curiosity, and Watson is the narrator who’s there to record, observe and marvel at Sherlock’s brilliance. And Sherlock’s brilliant, to the point of being alien. Watson was the human who acted as audience surrogate, especially in later adaptations that upped Watson to the importance of a sidekick. But Sherlock remains the subject, and Watson studied him. With Elementary, it’s one-sided no more. Sherlock learnt from Watson more then ever.

Elementary started out with immediate declarations that they intend to change up the classic’s dynamic, by making Watson an equal to Sherlock in their narrative. They succeeded tremendously in transforming the foil into a heroine with Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson. So impressively fleshed out is she, really sometimes you question who is more celebrated in this show, Watson or Sherlock. The heart, or the mind. But never was that equal partnership literally actualised, because Joan Watson wrote “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes”. She was a student and a spectator. But there’s a reason why this show’s titled “Elementary” NOT “Sherlock” or “Sherlock Holmes”. (And no it’s not BBC.)

That can of soda in “Rip Off” erases that. Well poured.


Sherlock is not the sole headliner in THIS STORY. Elementary respects it’s root material, but it’s growing pass it. And in an episode aptly titled “Rip Off”!

In the same episode that forces you to experience the hole in Sherlock’s life without Joan Watson, Elementary elevates Watson’s meta status to Sherlock Holmes’ true co-lead. Their legend will indeed be written. But finally, finally, Watson will be a subject AS interesting and as worth documenting, alongside Sherlock. Because for the first time, their tales would be accounted by someone who admires and received immense help from them BOTH. One strong, patched up broken bird, Kitty Winter. Watson and Sherlock’s adopted daughter apprentice is effectively this story’s Sir Arthur Conan Dolye!!! You see why I’m flailing like the Tardis is right outside my door?

No wonder they inserted Ophelia Lovibond’s lovely british voice this season thus so. Her introduction baffled us all. She was supposed to be a horrible creative decision that is Watson 2.0, literally living in her space. Never mind that she can’t possibly reach Joan Watson’s perfection in complimenting Sherlock’s character. The double take is that Kitty’s tragic history meant she’s really Sherlock 2.0, another damaged soul for Joan Watson’s magical healing touch. And accepted Watson’s help she has, over many episodes Kitty has come to revere Watson’s influence while we grit our teeth thinking “Who ARE you?”. Why do you, random little Kitty Winter, get to steal share time with our beloved Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes? Now we finally have the epic answer, and the brilliance of this creative manoeuvre blows my mind.

Or, maybe this is just my misinterpretation and this whole Kitty Winter thing is really just a quiet behind the scenes creative disagreement and conspiracy to replace Lucy Liu forever with a white actress because there can ALWAYS only be ONE female lead who must play disciple, sidekick and second fiddler to the male white lead. Elementary? Nah I think not.


since the writers seem hellbent on not giving us the hug i decided to give it a try (also partly inspired by this short fic)

+detail bc tumblr’s layout is 4ever terrible.

Sherlock will decidedly stop going to his meetings, which could threaten his sobriety. “When you’re dealing with someone with Sherlock’s history, you should always be worried,” executive producer Rob Doherty says. “Is he in more danger for not going to meetings? Yes. Personally, I’m a little concerned that he’s choosing to put some distance between him and the group.”

'Watson and I had no secrets during her time here'

What about Joan sleeping with Mycroft in the shadows twice and pissing him off because of it?(2x01 / 2x07 / 2x23) What about him following Watson around without her consent and sleeping with her best friend? (2x05) What about Joan hiding the story about her father? (2x15) What about the secret correspondence between Sherlock and Moriarty? (2x03 / 2x12) Better yet: a 400 page book Watson wrote and he didn’t know about.

One thing I actually liked about Rip Off was how Sherlock is constantly shown as an unreliable narrator. Here he is trying to convince Kitty (and maybe himself) that his partnership with Watson was perfect and 100% functional despite of how it ended. 

Poor Sherlock. I don’t know if he really believes that his relationship with Watson was ideal or if it’s a defense mechanism because he knows things were far from perfect, but it’s kinda sad (and awesome at the same time) how he is constantly making these statements (remember in 3.01 when he said that Watson thrived as a detective only because she did everything as he said when, in fact, we know this is not true?)

Sorry for breaking it for you mate, but Watson and you never acted as confidants. Both had secrets to hide and they only came to the light due to very specific (TERRIBLE) circumstances. 

I love love loveeeeeee that kitty “talked” with the cop, he looked scared. I can’t even imagine what she told him. Good one Kitty!

And in another note, this episode felt weird without Watson, but not bad weird… just weird. The case was really good, and I think they did well by making Watson stay in Denmark because that’s how you tell a story that you’re unraveling.
I’ve missed her, DUH but it was soo good, she was present all the time with “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes”, which I’m so glad that they brought it back. It was really interesting to see how much she wrote about it, she almost finish it, 474 pages it’s a lot. Sherlock thinking that she was spying on him was so cute and at the end finally accepting that maybe… maybe it’s not a bad idea that some people read their stories.
The Gregson story with his daughter was such a nice add to this episode, I love how they keep the entire cast into the story and they develop their characters more and more.