Fic - Elementary - A Viper in the City (1/4)

"It is a very unique way to assassinate someone, letting a number of extremely aggressive exotic snakes into their apartment."

It’s Christmas time in the City, and no one is waiting up to hear bells ring or children sing, counting down until Christmas Day. There’s a killer at work, going about the business of murder in a most interesting way. Color Holmes and Watson intrigued and then stumped. An offer of assistance by a recently released Moriarty and a stake out at the Bronx Zoo begin what is sure to be a whirlwind conclusion of a case.

note: violence, snakes and bugs

much thanks to mermaidandthedrunks for yelling at me re: pacing.

Part One

Responses For College Students to Remember at their Holiday Gatherings

"We’re having Christmas at our house this year."


"How were finals?"


"I’d like you to meet my new fiance."

What you may be thinking…


What you should probably say…


"How’s your dating life?"


"But - "


"What’d you get for Christmas?"


"I got you clothes!"




"Can I get the receipt for the present you gave me?"


"I hope you like it. I made it with my own ha-"


"You should go caroling with us!"


"You should come to my New Year’s party!"


"What have you learned in your history class?"


"What have you learned in your econ class?"


"What have you learned in your english class?"


"Did you see that Star Wars trailer?”


"Did you see that Jurassic World trailer?”


"Are you going to see Into the Woods?”



“‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special tonight!!!!”


"I’m getting another drink."


(Grandparent snores loudly in their sleep)


"Let us all stand and pray…"




"What are you going to be doing when school starts back up?"


"What’s the password for your phone?"




"Did you get everything you wanted this year?"


"I’m leaving now…into the cold…"


(Drunken relative says something completely racist, sexist, homophobic, or (somehow) all of the above)

That response is worthy of it’s own Tumblr post, right here.

"Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?"


"God, everyone here is crazy."


That is all. Happy Holidays!

The Semi-Finals round of the 2014 BOTVA’s is under way for Best Action Or Drama Program

Here is the list of Semi-Finalists as voted by the fans….

Arrow (CW), Castle (ABC), Chicago Fire (NBC), Criminal Minds (CBS), Covert Affairs (USA), Downton Abbey (PBS), Elementary (CBS), Greys Anatomy (ABC), Hannibal (NBC), Hawaii Five-O (CBS),  Murdoch Mysteries (CBC), Parenthood (NBC), Person Of Interest (CBS), Republic Of Doyle (CBC), Revenge (ABC), Rizzoli & Isles (TNT),  Sherlock (BBC), The Blacklist (NBC), The Killing (Netflix), The Mentalist (CBS), The Newsroom (HBO)

Each categories voting cycle in the semi finals is 3 to 6 days in length.

To see ALL the categories, and nominees, as well as to VOTE follow the link.


A Christmas Story of Sorts

The pictures from the Elementary holiday party (at bottom) reminded me of this post - http://nairobiwonders.tumblr.com/post/87499666319/ohkate-tickatocka-elementary-a-study-in and prompted this little fic:

Joan and Sherlock were escorted into Captain Gregson’s office by two uniformed officers. Gregson looked both of them up and down and shook his head. “What the hell were you two thinking?”

Neither Sherlock or Joan would look at him. Sherlock stood in his suit jacket, shirt tails untucked and shirt collar unbuttoned, with what appeared to be a red Santa Claus hat hanging out of his pocket. Watson wore Sherlock’s pea coat and not much else it would appear besides fishnet stockings and stilettos.

"Were you drunk? Or drugged?"

"No. We are both very much sober," she murmured. Joan hugged the jacket a little tighter around her and shot Sherlock a sideways glance. He caught her eye and looked away. "

Gregson continued, he read from the report in front of him, “You were seen leaving the precinct holiday party at approximately ten p.m. wearing a ship’s captain’s hat and a Santa hat.” He looked to them for confirmation. Neither said a word. “Next thing we know is you were picked up by Officers Lopez and Smitty for disturbing the peace, indecent exposure and brawling … At a strip club? Joan? Would you care to elaborate?

As she once again moved to tighten Sherlock’s coat around her small frame, a white captain’s hat slipped out and hit the floor at her feet. Joan pretended not to notice and focused uncomfortably on a spot on the wall behind Gregson’s shoulder.

"I see …" Gregson shook his head and turned to Sherlock. "You have anything to say for yourself? I’m going to assume some how or other you’re responsible. Joan would never …"

Watson spoke up. “I’m responsible.” She took a breath and rushed through an abbreviated explanation, hoping if she spoke fast enough it wouldn’t be as embarrassing. “I was wearing the hat and we passed a strip club on the way to the subway and they were having an amateur night and Sherlock made a comment of some sort saying there’s something I could never do, saying I was too uhm … Victorian, prudish … His usual set of digs about my …”

Sherlock shot her a look, “I didn’t mean for you to run in there and take center stage …”

Gregson’s eyebrows raised, “Let her finish.”

"Next thing you know I’ve changed into this outfit, and fishnets and I’m on stage…"

Sherlock piped in, “She was very good at uhm, …. She performed admirably.” He looked at her with pride in his eyes and she suppressed a smile.

"How did this get to be a brawl?" Gregson was trying not to picture Joan’s performance.

"Well, I got silly and went over and kind of pretended to give Sherlock a lap dance …"

"Pretended, huh?" Gregson sounded skeptical.

"We were goofing around … It’s been a rough year for us …. We were just having fun for once…. " Joan’s voice got weaker.

Sherlock picked up the story, “Watson looked very uh … becoming and I took out my phone and took a photo or two. We were distracted and that’s when this huge ass of a man reached over and grabbed at Watson in a most inappropriate manner, exposing her uhm … Anyway I got angry and punched him. The idiot’s friend came to his defense, grabbed me from behind and ..”

"I broke a chair across his back." She looked at Gregson almost defiantly. "He was strangling Sherlock, I had to do something."

"It becomes a bit of a blur after that, fights broke out between several other patrons … I was in the process of giving Watson my jacket as she was still exposed, when the officers came in."

Gregson wiped at his face and sighed, “Why can’t you two stay out of trouble? This is the second time in the span of six months you’ve been brought in.”

"That whole ice cream business shouldn’t count against us. Charges were dropped." Sherlock spoke and Watson nodded her head in agreement.

"No one wants to press charges here either and since no one was really hurt … I guess you’re free to go." The captain looked at them like a disappointed father. "May I suggest that if you engage in this sort of behavior in the future, you do it in the privacy of your own home."

"Thank you, Captain." Sherlock turned to Joan, "What say we go home Watson?"

She caught the look in his eyes. “Yes. Let’s.” Joan responded and holding the jacket tight around her, she bent down to pick up the hat at her feet before turning to leave the office.



Elementary: End of Watch Recap

To be honest, as someone who works in mental health, the most interesting part about this week’s episode was the storyline about Narcotics Anonymous and not so much about the actual case of the week. I found Jonny Lee Miller’s performance regarding the storyline to be absolutely fabulous. I also appreciated the fact it highlighted one of the most successful drug “treatment” programs in the country. Very rarely do we get to see an in-depth view of a twelve step program on television. Most of the time NA or AA are used as cheap plot devices, or a way to shake up the show’s setting.

Anyway, all that aside, the case of the week was pretty interesting too. It began with an NYPD officer getting shot while on duty. Early on they realized the sidearm he was carrying at the time of his death was fake, and from there it revealed a lot about the officer. He’d been taken down by a drug addiction after a car accident on duty. He’d become hooked on opiates and sold everything in order to feed his habit.

Read more here…


Sherlock: Your romantic inclinations are not a flaw to be corrected, they’re a trait to be accepted. I know you, Watson. I know you’ll never be happy within the confines of a quote-unquote “traditional relationship.”  And I said what I said because it pains me to see you try to fit into one simply because it is the default mode of polite society.

Joan: Well, there’s no reason to feel pain, because I’m happy with Andrew.

Sherlock: But would you be happier without him? Alternatively, with him as an occasional sex partner and confidante. Or, with him when he’s in the States, and free to pursue other interests when he’s not. There are any number of possible arrangements. All you need to do is find one which is true to your nature.

- Elementary, 3x7

This scene is so wonderful.

First of all, we have Sherlock endorsing open relationships and potentially polyamory. And please note the use of the word “arrangement” - he is not suggesting Joan should cheat on Andrew. He’s talking about disregarding convention and tradition to find the ideal approach, not just for Joan but for all parties involved. And he’s not saying any particular way is the right one, he is offering up suggestions and encouraging experimentation to find what works best for them.

And this could be applied to any kind of relationship, regardless of sexuality or romantic orientation. Speaking as an aromantic asexual who’d still like to have a significant other in some form, I know how difficult it can be to have a relationship if you are not, as Sherlock says, true to your nature, or if you’re worrying too much about conforming to the rules of a traditional relationship.

When Sherlock says “romantic inclinations”, it could mean just about anything. And as long as the people involved are informed and consenting, you should feel free to do whatever makes you and your loved ones happy, regardless of what society thinks of it - including not being in a relationship at all. Because how you feel is not a problem, it is a part of what makes you who you are.

Your romantic inclinations are not a flaw to be corrected, they’re a trait to be accepted.


Holmes and Watson + mirroring

Mirroring is the subconscious replication of another person’s nonverbal signals. It takes place in everyday social interactions, most often in the company of close friends or family, and often goes unnoticed by both parties. It allows the person who begins to mirror a greater connection and understanding with the individual who they are mirroring, as well as allowing the individual who is being mirrored to feel a stronger connection in return. As the two individuals in the situation display similar nonverbal gestures, they may believe that they share similar attitudes and ideas as well.