The amazing fan-turned-into-official poster for the comedy I am most excited to see has just been released!

Dear White People has just released the poster for their movie, coming out October 17th!

Check the full story here!

What a brilliant poster that ever POC with hair any way like this should relate to!

Literally walked into the theater and there’s about 8 black people there, I’m about to sit down and they like “GURL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? COME SIT WITH US!” So 9 black strangers are watching Dear White People together at 11pm on a Thursday night.

In 2007, the Department of Water Protection in Los Angeles detected high levels of bromate in the Ivanhoe reservoir. Bromate forms when sunlight causes chlorine to oxidise bromide. Bromide is a natural constituent in water, particularly groundwater, while chlorine is generally added to water supplies to kill any bacteria, viruses and protozoa. 

The reservoir facility, which is 102 years old, supplies more than 600,000 people with potable water in downtown and South LA. When the Department of Water Protection realised the problem with bromate, they began construction of a new underground reservoir, but while the new facility was being built they had to determine a way to keep the sunlight out of the water. 

The method had to be quick and cost effective. The solution was “bird balls” which are made of polyethylene and cost only 40 cents each. 400,000 balls were dropped into the reservoir on June 2008, where they were to remain for the next four to five years until the new underground reservoir is completed.


Photograph by Gerd Ludwig

For more info see: http://pubs.acs.org/cen/news/85/i52/8552notw4.html


The thing about teasers is that they are supposed to lead to something more, something even better. The brilliant folks over at Dear White People headquarters get that. Shortly after the announcement of the film’s nationwide premiere date they released a teaser trailer to whet our appetites. Monday afternoon fans were told, with 100 retweets and 1000 shares on Facebook, we could see the full trailer before it hits theaters this weekend. In less than 24 hours (almost instantly on Twitter) – mission accomplished.

The full trailer for the highly anticipated indie darling turned Lionsgate production, Dear White People, has been released. Starring Tessa Thompson (For Colored Girls), Dennis Haysbert (24), Teyonah Parris (Mad Men) and Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris), with a crop of brilliant fresh faces of color (Ashley Blaine FeathersonCourtney SaulsNia Jervier, Marque Richardson, Naomi Ko) rounding out a remarkable ensemble cast, Dear White People is the film that so many have been waiting for.

The full trailer is two minutes and 37 seconds of poignant comedy and thought-provoking sound-bites – a pretty apt summary of the film that writer, director, Justin Simien says is one about identity not race. Dear White People is a smart, hilarious and ever-relevant look into the lives of four Black students – Lionel, Sam, Coco and Troy – at the fictional Winchester University, where the population of Blacks is a mere 2%.

We’ve already seen the film and we’re still anticipating the October 17th release as much as the next person. We say with immense certainty that the Lena Waithe-produced Dear White People is the first and best deliberately conscious, non-struggle Black film we’ve seen on the big screen in easily the last five years.


‘Dear White People’ Courts Younger Audience, Has Big Box Office Weekend

“Dear White People” grossed $344,136 at the box office this weekend. Amid all the chatter about the film’s national debut at 11 theaters around the country, there’s this interesting tidbit fromIndiewire:

“We created an event with ‘Dear White People’ via continuous social media engagement, complemented with traditional PR and college outreach that attracted a young and diverse audience to theaters,” Roadside’s Howard Cohen said. “Exit polls showed 77% of the audience was in the 21 to 39 age range, with 29% between the ages of 21 to 24 — younger than the typical specialty-film audience.”

The film is based on the experience of college students and has a plot that’s literally ripped from any number of race-fueled campus headlines in recent years, so the fact that it attracted younger viewers is no surprise. It expands to 350 theaters in the top 75 markets on October 24th. Stay tuned for more.

(via Colorlines

And that was only at 11 theaters nationwide y’all. Y’all better turn this shit up this weekend. 


YAAAAAAAS, I cannot wait!

So Dear White People was great. That movie covered MicroAggressions, white privilege, anti blackness, internalized oppression, fuckboys, fetishizing, tokenizing, “reverse racism” uncle toms, black gay men, mixed race issues all in less than 3 hours.

I can’t wait for all the white people saying it’s “over exaggerated”.

I’m not going to say much else until people have a chance to watch it but by ALL MEANS GO AND WATCH IT!

"She’s fun and super maternal. When I met her she gave me a huge hug and I’m like, 'Oh my god, we are going to have the best time on this movie', and then she’s like,
'Ah sweetie, that's the last time I'm nice to you'.
She then went into her trailer and came out the ice queen and that was really the last I saw of ‘Meryl’ for months, until we promoted the film.”
*Anne Hathaway


I’m doing this thing where I headcanon that Emily Blunt’s character from Devil Wears Prada and her character from Edge of Tomorrow are the same person. But after hundreds of days worth of the same day of combat, which was her first day as a conscript in the new global war that changed the cultural landscape of the planet and made her job in fashion obsolete, the Emily Charlton who lived to please Miranda Priestly became this badass, hardened soldier who takes no shit, and she changed her name because she considers herself a separate person now.

(ps in the book All You Need Is Kill, Rita Vrataski is a pseudonym anyways)


Dear White People - 

Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilege

Ashes to Ashes, Miranda/Andy, PG - Chapter 1/?

A *lot* of you just wanted some form of Mirandy. The ones with specific prompts will appear on other days, but for now I thought I’d finally post the first chapter of my Time Travel AU. 

So. It’s insane. But if you find fashion amusing now, imagine what it was like in the 80s. I’ve researched the history of Vogue in that decade, and I was already fascinated culturally and politically with so much of the years around when I myself was born, that it became a natural fit. If you’ve seen the UK ‘Life on Mars’ (please never, ever look up the American remake) or ‘Ashes to Ashes’, then you’ll have a notion of what’s going on here. Anyone confused at first, feel free to ask.

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Pairing: Miranda/Andy
Rating: PG now, but it goes all the way to NC17
Notes: Time travel. AU. Andy is still working for Miranda when the action kicks off. Backstories for Emily and Nigel are mostly my own invention. Miranda’s career borrows from a couple of famous editors, so similarities there are intentional.

Disclaimer: NOT MINE. Also, fashion in the 80s truly was horrendous. Sorry. At least this isn’t a visual medium.

Andy is so busy pleading with Emily to cover for her (I’ll only be three minutes late, I had to go to the store all the way down on Broad Street, please just distract her by telling her about Mario and the problem with the shoot) that she honestly doesn’t see the step from sidewalk to the pressed black tarmac of the road itself.

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just went to see dear white people tonight and let me tell you everyone NEEDS to watch this movie

go see it in theaters SUPPORT THIS FILM it is SO GOOD. it literally should be required viewing for everyone, ESPECIALLY white people

it deals with a really serious subject in a way that’s tastefully funny and highly revealing, and it’s without a doubt a perspective we NEVER get to see in movies. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support this movie PLEASE