More information about Kamen Rider Drive's characters has surfaced online. This time, we have more info about the villains and more details about the good guys. First is with the key Roimyūdo members, the Brain and Heart. Brain (played by Matsushima Shota-san) is a man who wears black and in-charge of data gathering and analysis. He is quite nervous and thinks Drive as their most dangerous threat. He fights using nervous attacks. Heart (played by Warabino Tomoya-san) on the other hand, is the organization’s secret leader.

Now to the mysterious Chaser (played by Katoono Taikou-san), a professional hitman, a silent ladies man, and is Drive's main rival. He's a man who rides a custom Shinigami motorcycle. His identity is yet to be revealed.

Now more information about the members of the Tokyo MPD's Special Unit; first is Tomari Shinnosuke / Kamen Rider Drive (played by Takeuchi Ryouma-san). He was a passionate elite that is until a fellow detective in his unit was left incapacitated, causing him to lose all motivation as a cop. But because of this, he is assigned to the Special Unit. After acquiring the Drive Driver, he becomes Kamen Rider Drive

Shinjima Kiriko (played by Uchida Rio-san) is a member of the Special Unit and is responsible to all of the technical work. She’s beautiful but scary and is kinda robot-like woman. She knows Drive's secret identity and occasionally helps him in some fights. 

Sawagami Rinna (played by Yoshii Rei-san) is an impatient Electron Physicist who is researching the Roimyūdo monsters’ powers and abilities. Aside from working on the Special Unit's mechanical work, she doubles for Shinnosuke when he is out to search for things. 

Saijō Kyū (played by Hamano Kenta-san) is a nerd who loves occult stuff. The Special Unit's Network researcher, his approach to cases can sometimes get him with some trouble with the team.

Kataoka Tsurutaro (played by Hongnaji Jun-san) is the trouble-hating Police HQ Chief. A man who is into fortune telling and feng shui, he is seen wearing different ties on different days that matches his lucky color for the day. Because Shinnosuke tends to slack off, he assigns Kiriko to watch over him. 

Otta  Genpachirō (played by Imata Taira-san) is a foul-mouthed but reliable liuetenant of the Special Unit. He finds the Special Unit a burden and tends to make fun on the station’s Occult Club. Even if that’s the case, he gets along with Shinnosuke and loves children… but he doesn’t want people who know about his love for kids.

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More information about Kamen Rider Drive has surfaced online and it has something to do with the show’s basic concept and plot.

The show’s basic concept is Kamen Rider meets Detective Drama with riddles and case solving that generations of fans can enjoy. This is also the first time a Rider will use a car as his main ride instead of a bike. This brings the series back to the original series’ concept of machine and humans united to fight evil. 

Now for the show’s plot, android-like creatures called Roimyūdo has the desire to become human. Except for some of its leaders, they are spread across the net in “light" form. Using the platform left behind, the leaders plan to revive the original Roimyūdo and stage an uprising against mankind. 

In addition, there are those who want to revive from the network and they do it by learning strong human thoughts, allowing them to gain special powers. They can also access townspeople and cause various mysterious cases. This is where the good guys come in.

Meet Tokyo Metropolitan Police District's Special Unit and their latest recruit, Shinnosuke. This man has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Drive using the powers of the Shift Cars and the super car, Tridoron to stop Roimyūdo's evil plans.

Kamen Rider Drive will be written by Sanjō Riku-san (Kamen Rider W, Zyūden Sentai Kyōryūger) and will be produced by Ōmori Takahito (Zyūden Sentai Kyōryūger). The series premieres on October 5th.

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August 28, 2014

What an amazing day I had! Maple and I went on a lovely drive and drove until we ran out of road. (Literally, a wild ferry appeared and we had to turn around!) Going on drives is so relaxing and makes me feel so happy, we haven’t done it in a while so I’m very glad we were able to do so today.
Later we went and I got one of my favourite snack combinations! Apple juice and chocolate chip cookie!! I feel like that either makes me sound like I’m 4 or 400 years old lol…
Apparently the only photo I took today was of my outfit whoopsie Not up to too much for the remainder of the evening. Might heat up some left over Chinese food.. Or might not.. I don’t know yet hahah
I do know I’ll be sleeping soon so I hope you all have a great night! (or day depending on your time zone)