"A God Damned Book."

Imagine:One shot were reader hunts with Sam and Dean and she’s just about as pure as a hunter can get. Like she doesn’t drink or cuss or anything, so Sam and dean try to get her to drop the f bomb all day and it’s just super funny.

Word Count: 2,333
Warning: Swearing, not sure if theres much else ? Pranks pranks pranks and a suggestion of sex?

The second you woke up that day you knew that you were about to slip up on your “clean” attitude. Despite being a hunter you were pretty pure, it was a surprise how long you managed to stay in the profession without slipping up and even just swear. You weren’t Dean… you didn’t get through the life with booze and sex. Nor were you like Sam, he may have similar character traits as you such as intelligence and a love of books but boy could he swear like a sailor when he was mad.

However, like you said you were the purest hunter that the three of you had ever come across and that made you feel somewhat proud. Though the Winchester brothers didn’t see it that way at all, which brings you back to the reason you woke up this morning feeling the way you do…

The only reason you had woken up at ass o clock in the morning was because the eldest Winchester had managed to situate himself on the bed next to you, his gun continuously poking at your side for about a minute until you lost your cool. You felt a groan ripple its way through your body and slide out of your lips as you swung yourself upwards in the bed.  Facing Dean you watched the stupid toothy grin that situated itself along his features.

“What do you want Dean?” The words left your throat almost a raspy whisper as you placed your thumbs against your temples, you really weren’t a morning person.

“I’m bored, we never do anything fun, we should do something fun! Let’s go out! Let’s get drunk! Lets prank Sammy!” You stared up at him in absolute disbelief, the eldest Winchester’s forest green eyes were sparkling almost. His teeth still on display in the childish grin that he always wore whenever he had the chance.

“Are you f-“ You let a sigh escape your lips, rubbing your temples once more with your calloused thumbs. You were way too tired for this, you were just glad you didn’t slip up and drop the f bomb. “Are you kidding me right now Dean?”

“What was that before? Am I F-what?” When you glanced back at the Winchester you noticed the toothy grin gone, now replaced with a large smirk growing wider by the second. The sneaky devil…

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