anonymous said:

I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do. All of my friends are very depressed and at least three of them are suicidal. They always talk to me about their problems and even though they're important to me and I like helping them, its eating away at me and I'm scared of slipping back to depression myself. I don't know what to do because I can't just turn them away and be selfish or even tell them, but it's hard to listen without crying. And they aren't getting any better. Help (A Strider/Nepeta?)


TG: alright yo im gonna lay it down for you nice and simple

TG: your friends are really important to you but what you gotta tell em because theyre important is

TG: tell them to get professional help

TG: be honest with them

TG: tell them that shit is bringing you down too

TG: be honest

TG: and if theyre gonna get mad at you over shit like that

TG: what kind of friends are they

TG: yeah

TG: youre cool and you deserve to be happy too

TG: that shit doesnt make you selfish alright