I don’t think Carol is going to be in her ‘new role’ for very long. Speaking with Daryl I think will make her fess up to what she’s avoiding, and she’ll ask for something else. Of course Daryl tells her in his own way while dealing with whatever Daryl deals with these days (lol) So I don’t think they’re going to be ‘fighting’ or anything for very long. 

Thinking back to Indifference, I think the mention of Carol knowing a lot of basic first aid and how to set Sam’s dislocated shoulder, like, why have it there in that episode? What purpose did it serve? To show that Carol has a lot of skills.

My theory is that she’ll ask to be put in the clinic, and maybe that’s how she gets involved in the Domestic Abuse Storyline.

Cause please correct me if I’m wrong - if it’s correction I need I know I’ll get it in the Caryl tag.

Why have all those mentions of Ed, the place where they stayed in Consumed,  if Carol was to have nothing to do with that particular storyline?

Thank you watermage100 for coloring my Fenris doodle!
It’s my first time actually messing around with drawing chibi characters, and I might do it more often if people really like it. I’m honestly not confident with my drawing skills, but whatever.
Have a cute doodle of Fenris reading Varric’s “Tale Of The Champion” for whatever!