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So I watched the Season Finale of the Flash. Here are some of my reactions. (Major Spoilers)

Eobard Thawne telling Cisco he’s a meta human

Ronnie and Catlin’s wedding

Barry sees the Speed Force and sees his future, which contain Killer Frost and the Flash museum,

And Barry in jail.

Barry going back in time and choosing not to save his mother, instead only telling her he turns out fine in the future.

My reaction to JAY GARRICK’S HELMET!

Eobard Thawne’s reaction to JAY GARRICK’S HELMET!

Eddie Thawne killing himself

The Black hole over Central City

The Cliffhanger Ending

Here’s hoping that season 2 is just as good if not, better.

The 100: Character Summaries Very Serious
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Clarke:</b> I'm in charge. Also, I don't care who's in charge. But I'm in charge. Oh wait bye losers :)<p/><b>Bellamy:</b> Character Development<p/><b>Jasper:</b> Weak nerd child with an army and JUST BECAUSE HE LOOKS GOOD WHEN HE CRIES IS NO REASON TO DESTROY EVERYTHING HE LOVES YES IM TALKING TO YOU WRITERS<p/><b>Monty:</b> Boyfriend of said weak nerd child, also computers and genocide<p/><b>Finn:</b> SCREW FINN TAKE HIM DOWN BROTHER<p/><b>Octavia:</b> 10/10 would cry tears of joy if she punched them<p/><b>Raven:</b> Oh, you're feeling better now? Why don't we just STABBY STAB STAB<p/><b>Murphy:</b> Look. Look at this precious cinnamon bun. He was arrested for absolutely KILLING it on the dance floor. Haha! Just kidding he has killed a man<p/></p><p/></p>
If fans thought this was going to be a finale that left everything in neatly wrapped up in a bow, they were surely mistaken. In the last five minutes of the episode, Barry comes crashing back through the wormhole and subsequently breaking Wells’ time machine. In their final showdown, Barry and Wells battle it out and as Wells strangles Barry, a shocking, out-of-this world development occurs. With a gunshot echoing throughout The Flash universe Eddie Thawne shoots himself causing Wells/Reverse Flash to be erased from existence. With Iris sobbing over Eddie, he utters “Turns out I am a hero after all… That’s all I ever wanted to be, your hero.” Cue sobbing from every The Flash fan and every character on this TV show. And if that wasn’t enough of a blow, the black hole re-opens and with the biggest cliffhanger ever, The Flash zooms up to the black hole and tries to stop it from devouring Central City. PURE INSANITY.
—  Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly

kirbstompthecheese asked:

What sort of typeface do you think would be suited to Trigedasleng?

Hmmm… If it weren’t a punchline now, I’d say something like Papyrus. Something that looks beat up. Maybe something like Joskus Ei on this page. Something with that kind of look to it. I wonder how long spray paint survived…? (Just saw Mad Max: Fury Road, so I was wondering. They still seem to have spray paint.)

theempressmoonchild asked:

Hello David, I was wondering how would you say the name "Jade" in trigedasleng? Also I was wondering how do we say "pregnant" in trigedasleng? Thank you very much!

The name Jade is spelled Jeid. As for “pregnant”, just like in every language, there are probably dozens of euphemisms for it. Some words you might use are gredi (adjective), fulop (adjective), or gaf taim in (verb). For the latter, you’d say something like:

Em ste gaf taim in nau.

And that’d mean, “She’s pregnant”. Literally it’s “She’s needing (some) time now”. But, other than that, I’m sure there’s others. Even without the fictional conceit (Trigedasleng being descended from a secret language/code), languages always have tons of non-literal euphemisms for being pregnant. A certain segment of every culture always seems to be uncomfortable talking about it, so they have to have some way of saying it without saying it (e.g. she’s “expecting”, etc.).


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