wells-its-carter asked:

PM: No siding with the new girl. She's not your step kid.

[PM] .. I am not ‘siding’ with her. I happen to just find her and her values intriguing. I’d like to understand them, if you don’t mind. She was respectful of your views, so please be more gentle.

awhatevermajorloser asked:

Hey. I heard a rumour that you know teigedasleng? I want a tattoo maybe on my shoulderblade thats says your fight is not over. But not entirely sure where I'm gonna put 'not' or maybe my fight is not over. I wan't to be 100% sure about the grammar before I get it inked. Do you think you can help?

I do know some. Here’s the phrase you need:

Yu gonplei nou ste odon.

And that’s it. Show us all if you do get it! Emo tat-de ste krei os.

  • Teacher:why isn't your homework done?
  • Me:If Eddie killed himself and completely erased Eobard from the picture, that means Barry's mom is still alive right? Because Eobard couldn't have gone back in time and killed her. So Barry has a new life and never would have lived with Joe and Iris. Furthermore, with no Eobard, that means the real Harrison Wells is still alive and he wouldn't have created the particle accelerator for another five years. So how exactly does Barry have his powers? Would he become this other alternate universe normal Barry? Was Barry watching his mom die all in vain because Eddie's actions created the same outcome as if Barry saved his mom? Then why would future Barry tell him not to save her? Wouldn't future Barry know about all of this?