“This isn’t you, this isn’t you. I know you can hear me.”

“Oliver, this isn’t you. Look at me. I know you’re still in there somewhere.”



“You made us a family again. We need you. I need you.”


Bellarke & Clexa

Dammit… this is really hard to put out there but recently I have had alot Of thoughts about both these ships. Man, I freaking love Clexa but I love bellarke as well.

But I have realized that I have a conflict of being torn between two worlds and the ship wars between these two are very intense. We all need to stop arguing about this matter. Both are amazing ships and I usually don’t care about the romance in a show I’m more focused on the story itself but the subject has been bothering me for awhile now.

I’m probably gonna get alot Of hate like I usually do when I put something out there.
But like I mentioned before I have pondered this subject and realized I have chosen Bellarke.

I love the relationship between Lexa and Clarke don’t get me wrong But we’ve been with Bellamy and Clarke from the very start and I realized that Clarke would be better off with Bell. They both have had alot more pacing than clexa and

I also remembered that Lexa and Finn have broke her heart but Bellamy has never hurt her. When she is with Bellamy she’s a better person but Lexa has changed her and in many ways that’s good she has made Clarke into a stronger person but I feel Bellamy is the one who keeps her together. Though she does need him she is a strong woman and can take care of herself But deep inside she loves him.

I have chosen Bellarke.

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snowboard and westallen

If you are talking about this….


vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / brotp / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell


vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorkable / brotp / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell


Review: The Flash Episode 20 "The Trap"

Review: The Flash Episode 20 “The Trap”

“The Trap” saw Team Flash trying to catch Wells in the act using some time travel shenanigans to help them.  But true to his word, Wells proved that he is always one step ahead.

“The Trap” featured many interesting beats.The B-story of the episode featured Eddie trying to ask Iris to marry him.  This put Barry in an awkward position when he asked him for help following Joe refusing to give Eddie…

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The Messengers Recap 1x03

By Ebru Evermore

       After last week’s crazy episode, we are immediately thrown back into Joshua’s vision about the Horseman but Raul has other plan, and leaves.

*Insert flashback*

Raul looks like a puppy! He’s in a strip club with his brother and his sister in law aka the chick he’s bangin’. It’s so wrong. Raul what are you doing!? She isn’t even hot! He ends up getting caught by the feds in this flashback. Are we surprised? No, because ANY business deals that happen in strip clubs are shady as hell. Obviously they’re not sitting around playing monopoly. And it’s the start of how he ended up becoming a cop in the first place.

*Present day* Raul TRUSTS ERIN WITH HIS NIECE! This is SO important for Rarin shippers! He trusts her to take care of his niece while he’s gone.THEY TRUST EACH OTHER GUYS!( Who else saw that angst eye sex? ;)) Back in the bar our Dream Angels Squad (DAS) is at, Vera misses The Man. She gives this story about her son, let’s be real, she misses that Devilish charm…and OH NO Home girl is being followed! Raul’s niece takes Erin & her daughter Amy to some creepy house with a million candles. It was like scene from a gothic romance novel, minus the sexy ghost. The niece asks the most important questions “are you screwing my uncle?”  And Erin was like “I wish” …kidding she denied it, but she thinks it. We get some cute Vera flashbacks with her cute bangs! Vera in a Towel! I AM IN!!! Also, why is her bff/colleague just carrying that rock around everywhere without any sort of protection etc.? Who knows what it’s made out of.

Then back to the remaining DAS at the bar. BTW, why are they almost always split off into pairs? I crave some DAS badassly (is this even a word?) walking through the dark with their illuminated Angel wings. Anyways, Joshua is asking Rose about what languages she can understand.

       “I understand what God tells me.”

       “How come you get the cool gift & I’m stuck makin sense of these whacked out visions?”

Ok 1) Joshua’s southern drawl is AMAZING! 2) Those lovely blue eyes, But he’s a complete moron. How is understanding a cooler gift than seeing the future!?? Some Raul flashbacks, don’t mind if I enjoy his cuteness, he doesn’t wanna be a rat, but this cop is a good salesman….til Raul learned the truth and realized he set Raul up. Btw cop dude, Raul can read your mind….jk Raul was staring too deeply into his beard and lost focus and now the cops got him, HOW DARE HE POINT A GUN AT RAUL!? Meanwhile Erin figures out who the guy from Joshua’s vision is. Vera dated this guy Leo, who I’m GUESSING is the daddy of her son. But he dumped her for another girl! Just so happens their going to him for help with the rock piece they got from The Man’s landing. OH! Leo’s in wheelchair.

Erin calls Raul and tells him to come back& that she misses him. But he flat out says Nope, I’m out. Then Rose (Coma chick) tells Erin, “We say our prayers” .

The Man is a federal agent now (he can cuff me any time)…. And Raul is gonna trust him because of this stolen badge. RAUL DON’T FALL FOR IT! HE IS THE DEVIL! Oh for god’s sake I ship them. Yep, Raul/the Man. Also I’d like to point out, why haven’t they made some flyers about The Man? So they ALL know who he is and aren’t tricked by him. He tricks Raul into telling him about the Dream Angels Squad, and what they’re doing.

Outside of the church, Coma chick spots The Man. Who wouldn’t? He looked like a runway model in that suit. *wipes drool off chin*

Vera finds out Leo never cheated; he just left her because he got sick. Awww poor guy….I still doesn’t ship you and Vera. Sorry.We see some testing of the rock via some cool machines—oh the rock just ate a plant, Very Sassy Rock. Apparently, the rocks has traces of every element + 1 unknown. Vera, girl, the dude that was following you stole your pet rock. It’s a dog eat dog world out there…and did she just!? YES SHE JUST! VERA JUST! Vera went through the wall! But that’s not all, apparently she’s astral projecting? Or twins? Or wtf? She’s dead until she gets back to her body on the other side of the door. What the Hell!? I’ve never seen a power like this.

The DAS is at a funeral, and now have moved from the Prime Minister and think the 1st horseman may now be this lady that’s speaking at the funeral….and who is that fairy cuteness in the black suit there?

Oh it’s the Man. Ever the good Samaritan, always there for these guys. Classy, elegant, must be some sort of A-lister, think he can he get me into clubs?    Raul finds his brother, but there’s a bomb attached to him. He tells Raul to take care of Nadia (his niece). Raul doesn’t die. DO NOT FRET! Our cupcake is a survivor! But he is badly hurt…and look who is smokin’ and walking in slo-mo to check on his bae Raul. It’s The Man….Raul did ya put the pieces together now?

*adventures of the rock* It eats the guys apple. This is what happens when you don’t feed your rock, you rock thief! He hands the rock into some guy, and its put in with the other rock pieces & The Man’s imprint in the rock. As if he was hatched. Never trust a creepy facility that is keeping secret rocks and god knows what else.

Back at the bar (is this their new hangout, why aren’t the humans curious about this odd group?) Rose confesses she saw the Man shaking hands with both the Prime Minister and Senator Richards. And Josh asks “Why didn’t you tell us?” SEE! Don’t trust this Coma chick. Vera comes to the bar too, and her friend is getting uber suspicious.Vera’s gift is called “Spirit walk” and oh Raul is back too. OMG HES CRYING! Poor guy! I’m crying too now, he’s telling Rose (Coma chick), about telling The Man everything. Raul goes to tell Nadia about her dad, Very heartbreaking scene.This last scene was crazy. Peter got caught because he’d accidentally killed his bully, and there’s a strange homeless lady with GREAT vocal skills, who gives Peter a weird look right before he is taken away. And that is the end of this amazing episode!

Who is that homeless lady? Will the DAS save Peter from prison? Will The Man walk through another flaming runway in slow motion? Find out on, an all-new episode this Friday 9/8c on the CW Network.

Review: Arrow Episode 21 "Al Sa-him"

Review: Arrow Episode 21 “Al Sa-him”

Arrow finally unveiled its final villain this week:  Oliver Queen.  I will give the showrunners credit.  They never really said Ra’s was the “big bad” of the season, just that he would be in this season.  We just assumed he was the true villain.  This is a subversion of the usage of a Bat-villain that I appreciate, but does not save the season.

This episode was about aftermath and the new problem…

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Review: The Flash Episode 21 "Grodd Lives"

Review: The Flash Episode 21 “Grodd Lives”

This week on The Flash we got the true debut of long-time Flash villain Gorilla Grodd.  Here, we cleared up any possible misconceptions about his history, which is free of cities of advanced gorillas by the way.

Like some classic monster movies, we got a slow build to Grodd really coming to the forefront.  First we got mind controlled Eiling, then we got to hear Grodd through the general.  Once…

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