that’s 2 tests that i’ve passed. subset 1 (engl/hist) and subset 3(art/health/pe).

i have 1 more cset to take and that’s subset 2 math/science. then i can student teach next fall 

soooo excited!!! 

anonymous said:

Hey so I saw that you passed all of the CSET multiple subject tests. How long did you study for and what study aids did you use? I'm a nervous mess right now...

I think it depends on the person’s study style but I studied for about a month mostly because I procrastinated on it.  But if you really want to make life easy, study almost everyday for some time.  It can be a long period of time or a short one depending on your test date.  Take breaks after sections or a certain time.  Step away from it and then come back.  Focus on what you think is your weakest area.  You want to be able to do well enough to pass that section.  For me it’s History and English.  But you must not forget the other areas so make sure to study your strengths as well.  You might not need to put in that much time for them but you still should put in some, just to refresh your memory and solidify your strengths.

I used the Cliffnote CSET study guide because everything there are main points you should remember.  Plus it’s super cheap.  But if you want a legit Pearson one, try checking your local library to see if they have an older edition.  I’m pretty sure the material in them is still relevant.  

What helped me the most were the test samples that the Cliffnote guide provides.  Taking them will allow you to feel out how the questions might look.  Take it one section at a time if you have too.  The sample questions tend to be harder than the actual test to if you can do well on those, you can pass the CSET.

I took my CEST all at once so it was kind of pressuring.  If you don’t feel like you can handle more than one subsection in one sitting, I suggest you take the CSET in parts.  That way you can focus on the subjects in those parts and not the whole sha-bang.  

  • Study in increments
  • Take breaks
  • Make sure to cover your weak points

The night before your test, don’t try to cram in things.  Just go over the material you feel the least comfortable with in the morning the day before the test.  I know some say to not do that but I think it may help.  Spend the day as a casual relaxingish study?  Try not to be super stressed but I know it happens.  Have relaxing time.  Hang out with some friends for a while if ya have to!  Being too stressed can lead to bad vibes during the test XD  Sleep early!!

Day of the test, EAT!  I cannot stress this enough.  Fricken eat cause you’ll be sitting there, all hungry during the test and it will NOT HELP.  I think there will be scheduled breaks your test gives you so you can bring a small snack.  The testing center will have you lock your stuff up so you can ask about snackage.  Arrive early because they need time to check you in AND REALLY, GET DIRECTIONS TO YOUR TESTING CENTER!!  I was a dumb that day and thought it was the SAME testing center as my last one and I was wrong… So going early will allow you to correct misdirections as well!

I hope this helps in some way!!!  Remember, you’re not trying to ace the exam, just pass it!!

Spending another day at Starbucks studying for the CSET. I know I don’t want to work there forever, but I’m eternally grateful my company is flexible with letting me take time off when it’s slow. I hate deskwarming, or even worse finding silly things to keep occupied in the lab. This is the perfect time to study.

82 days until test time.

My plan of attack is to read a grade each week of the Core Knowledge series “What Your (insert grade here) Needs to Know;” outline the CliffNotes test prep book; and take a practice test fortnightly to gauge where I’m at. Hopefully it’ll be enough to pass on my first go.

I’m not too stressed about the general knowledge part. I did well on the GRE which I’m assuming is harder. But that was 8 years ago when I was 21 and fresh out of uni. It doesn’t help my confidence that I secretly think I lost heaps of brain cells in grad school.

My bigger concern is having to demonstrate competency at classroom instruction.

I mean really.

It seems a bit perverse. Shouldn’t I have to pass this after I’ve completed a credential program? Not as a prerequisite to learn how to be a proper teacher.

Whatever. It is what it is.

Fallback plans include another year teaching abroad or sucking it up and teaching adults at a community college. Except that’s not really a possibility seeing as teaching anyone above the age of 12 is kind of my worst nightmare.

Best get to that studying.

Adventure to Redding

Today I drove to Redding with my friend…

We’re here to take a stupid test tomorrow… we have 315 minutes, yes 5 hours and 15 minutes… I’m going to die.

For now we’re chillin in the hotel watching SAY YES TO THE DRESS and lazin about until we go to sleep… probably early since we have to be at the testing center at 730, luckily it’s right down the street from my hotel.

Have I mentioned I haven’t even thought about this test at all… and if I don’t pass any part of it I have to come back here. and pay a ton of money all over again?

keep me in your thoughts people!

I just saw the second grade class play at the school I taught at this last semester and I was overcome with feels. I’m more motivated to pass these annoying CSETs so I can have a class of my own someday!

I’m also really excited to have kids someday. Yes I’m 20

Watch on strawbeckyyy.tumblr.com

look at all the things i accomplish when i’m procrastinating to study for the CSET!! lmao #study #myass #mypriorities #cset

Testing Day

My big exam is in 2.5 hours. Only lost 0.6 pounds since yesterday. Hopefully after this exam I can get some walking exercise in and change some of my eating in order to catch up to the 3.5 pounds I am behind on. My biggest fear is falling short of 45 pounds in 45 days. I’m planning on weight 151 at the end of 45 days and that’s where I am determined to be. 161 Just won’t do. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Back to the exam. I kind of just want to get it over with. I think I have  good chance at passing subtest II but it might need a miracle for me to pass subtest III. If not I just have to make extra sure that I pass subtest I and III on May 7th, because after that, I won’t be able to take the test again in time for me to get a internship, and thus I fall behind in the Graduate program.

Here’s to pushing myself extra hard to reach my 151 goal in the next 26 days, and master the CSET in the next 2 months.

For example, it would be ironic for the firehouse to burn down…. it is not ironic for it to rain on your wedding day or to encounter a traffic jam when you’re running late.
—  My CSET prep book is now throwing shade at Alanis Morrisette.