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do you know of any good blogs/sites to meet other NB people?

Hi Anon,

Here’s a list of cool tumblr blogs that could get you started on meeting other NB people. 

Personally, I met other nonbinary people by talking to people via tumblr. It was scary at first because I was afraid of being too weird or getting rejected or something. But, now I know a lot more people, especially NB people because I reached out and contacted people. 

If you ever want to talk to me or get to know me feel free to message me at my tumblr. 

Hope this helps,


We get in deep in what it means to heal from abuse, traumas, and tragedy often caused by the state and capitalism, but also interpersynally. The dialogue reveals coping mechanisms that have worked fo

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Nominations for the 2015 United States Trans 100 List

This form is used to to collect nominees for the 2015 United States Trans 100 List. Past lists are available on The Trans 100 website at http://thetrans100.com/download/. For more information on the nomination and selection process, visit http://thetrans100.com/about/.
Nominations are open until Friday, January 16, 2015.

The key question to ask is this: What is this nominee doing to make life better for the trans community?

Bethany sorta liveblogs Community: Remedial Chaos Theory

So the alternate timelines episode is brilliant and I’m laughing a lot and therefore not even trying to liveblog it, but…in the third timeline when Troy pulled a cigarette case out of his jacket, took out a cigarette, stuck it in his mouth, and then just as Britta held the lighter up for him HE SUCKED IT INTO HIS MOUTH AND ATE IT BECAUSE IT WAS A CANDY CIGARETTE, I FUCKING LOST IT, OH MY GODDDDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Of course, I knew about the timeline where Troy goes to get the pizza and he comes back to an apartment on fire and someone’s been shot and all of that. I’ve see that gif so many times on Tumblr. Nice to have context for it now!


"Listen, when you really hate someone the way you hate Annie Kim, or when you feel the way I feel about you, the easy loophole through the creepiness and danger is to treat them like a child. ‘A chip off the old block, you’re the best, kiddo.’ It’s a crutch. It’s a way for me to tell you how important you are from a distance. But now you’re becoming this mature, self-possessed, intelligent young woman, and I can’t keep patting you on the head or talking down to you… Well, tough, Annie. You have to grow up because the world needs more women like you."


The wish to talk to God is (at times) absurd. We cannot talk to one we cannot comprehend — and we cannot comprehend God; we can only believe in Him. KANT

Felicidades Familia!! Merry Christmas my friends… #freedom #search #vendetta #endtyranny #newbeginnings #love #PHVXWestIndies #vpem #Mita #búsqueda #community #questions #unknowns #congregating #privacy #befree #lovingyoutheonlywayIknowHow #magic #mystery #livinglife #tomorrowsfate #ashes #dust (at Upr Utuado)


The year is coming to an end again, and so it is time for us all to revel in the glory that is Baby Boomer Santa, the greatest Christmas song ever.