A Destiel vine *screaming*


|Imagine Castiel giving you puppy dog eyes so you do not go on a dangerous hunt|

(CODES—— Y/S/N = Your Sons Name)
Your hands quickly packed a large duffle bag full with clothes for the hunt you were going on, you picked up your small silver locket that Castiel had given you after your one-year anniversary together, you open it to see a picture of both of you and Castiel and you smile as feel a presence behind you. “Do you really have to go?” Castiel asked, his hand went to your hip and he kissed your neck, you let out a small moan as he nips the skin. “I just want to climb back into bed.” Castiel whispers into your ear, you knew you had to go but as his hands roamed your body you couldn’t help but want to stay.
“I have to Cas.” You say as you focus back in on the task at hand as you shove a pair of slippers into your bag. “Cas you have to watch Sam, Dean and Y/S/N.” You say and you kiss his cheek. You put your bag on your shoulder and walk out of the room looking back to your husband you see his large puppy dog eyes.
“Don’t go please.” He said putting his hand in yours
“I have to.” You say and walk towards him planting a soft kiss on his cheek and you leave.