Carter Reynolds fic??

I got some random inspiration after reading a bunch of Carter Reynolds subtweets on Twitter.  Seems like thats basically all he does…don’t get me wrong, I love that boy to death but sometimes things just need to be kept off of social media & dealt with between the people involved instead of creating drama EVERYWHERE, you know?


All I could see on my Twitter was a bunch of fans freaking out about some things Carter had been saying.  My first reaction was to pray to god he wasn’t trying to start any drama, and my second reaction was to roll my eyes.  He really knew how to tweet just the right things to make situations come of as worse than they actually were.  This time, he was simultaneously rehashing all the old Deborah/break up drama and posting girl troubles.

@carterreynolds: “@gentlydallas: deborah is trying to shade carter but did she forget he’s the reason why she was relevant for a few days in this fandom?”RT

@carterreynolds: I hate when the person you want to talk to the most texts so slow

@carterreynolds: I’m done trying

@carterreynolds: Now I’m in a bad mood thanks

@carterreynolds: Ughhhh

@carterreynolds: I stay making stupid decisions

@carterreynolds: This sucks

@carterreynolds: When I’m with someone I care about I just want them to smile & be happy, but when I fail at doing so I’m obviously going to be hurt & upset.

I was about to open a can of whoop-ass on this boy.  All he had to do was argue with his girlfriend in peace and then call me after they had talked so I could play my role as his best friend.  Now he was bringing his fans into the situation and that could only make things worse.

Dialing his number as fast as I could, I was fuming.  He picked up on the fourth ring.  I immediately launched into yelling at him.

"What the hell Carter!  Keep your shit off twitter.  All you are doing is causing more problems for yourself, your girl and now all your fans.  What are you trying to accomplish here?!"

He took a deep breath before replying, “Look it’s just twitter, no big deal.  I can post whatever plus no one else is being involved.”

Laughing exasperatedly, I shouted at him, “Fine.  But Carter you still CALLED OUT YOUR EX!  Why the hell couldn’t you have at least left that alone?!”

"Oh shut up will you?  This doesn’t even affect you.  Can you keep to your own shit for once, you bitch?!” He yelled right back.

For once, I didn’t have a reply.  He’d never, ever said anything like that to me in my entire life.  That was the rudest thing I had ever heard him say as well.

“I was trying to help asswipe.  You know, be your best friend?  Like I apparently used to be?  Just let me know when you managed to get your dick out of your personality and back into your pants,” I told him, mumbling angrily.  As soon as I had spoken I hung up.  Then called Cameron.

The boy picked up on the second ring like a solid friend.

“Babygirl!  What’s up?”

“Oh Cam, I just miss you is all.”  I sighed contently.  Cameron was the boy (besides Carter) whom I was closest to out of the group.  He was attractive, funny, loyal and undeniably sweet but for some reason Carter flipped when he found out I had been talking to Cam.  I never really understood why but he would constantly tell me that I deserved better and to keep my hands off his coworker.  Personally, I always knew that underneath the joking about staying away there was a serious note but I ignored it.

“I missed you and your pretty face more, I bet!”  If I was honest with myself, I would admit to having feelings for Cam.  I mean what isn’t there to like!  The boy had everything to offer.  A stable income, devilish good looks, an honest nature, very caring personality, and above all, a love like no other for his friends, family and supporters.  One of his many talents was making everyone around him feel loved and welcomed.  It was amazing just to be close to him.

“No way.  It just isn’t possible!” I told him.

“Alright, I know you called me right now with a purpose.  So what’s wrong?” He asked me solemnly, all traces of joking gone from his voice and replaced with concern.  I told him what had happened with Carter.

“…and I know I was kind of out of line, yelling at him about his business but I was just so sick of him making things a problem then turning to me to fix them.  I love him but god he is the single-handed most infuriating boy I have ever dealt with.” I finished, almost totally out of breath.  Cameron, who had been silently listening the whole time, finally spoke.

“Look.  I think you both took your frustration from other things out on each other.  So what you need to do is wait for him to calm down, then apologize for what you did.  Maybe it wasn’t much but it will be nice for him to know you are sorry for exploding on him about his problems.  But maybe what you did wasn’t all that bad.  What if he starts thinking about his tweets before he sends them now, all because of what you said?  You could have helped prevent further problems.  Think about that a little bit.”

I just sighed dramatically, “Yeah and that’s great and all, but did you HEAR what he said to me?  No way in hell am I letting him get away with saying that to me!  That was such a—”

“I’m not telling you to let him get away with what he said, or hell even forgive him!  What he said was beyond not okay.  He took it way too far and should—no WILL apologize to you for that.  But try to think of this positively, okay babygirl?” Cam interrupted me to speak.

“I can do that.  Thank you Cammy, for being there whenever I need you.  Would it be taking it too far for me to tweet that?” I joked lightly.  Cameron just laughed in response.

“Well babygirl, you just have to wait for him to realize how big his mistake was.”

That was all I could do for now.


OOOOOkay.  Okay like I really want to make a second part to this but like if people don’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t.  So if this gets 20 notes by this time tomorrow I’ll make a second part!!  I already know where it’s going too…Imagine how good it could get yay!  I can already promise there will be no cliche in this story hehehe.  Enjoy your lives babes!  Love yous, Natalie xx

Today In History We Honor Jean-Michel Basquiat

"Underlying Jean-Michel Basquiat’s sense of himself as an artist was his innate capacity to function as something like an oracle, distilling his perceptions of the outside world down to their essence and in turn, projecting them outward through his creative acts." via

"Believe it or not, I can actually draw." Jean-Michel Basquiat

(photo: Jean-Michel Basquiat by Jerome Schlomoff)

- CARTER Magazine

Today In History We Honor Tina Turner

'Her career spanned more than half a century, earning her widespread recognition and numerous awards. Tina started out her music career as a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Hits like “River Deep”, “Mountain High” and “Proud Mary” opened the world to this legendary superstar. In the 80s, she rebuilt her career by constantly performing, eventually launching another series of hits like “Let's Stay Together”, “What's Love Got To Do With It” and “Private Dancer.”

Today, Tina Turner is considered to be the “Queen Of Rock & Roll” by Rolling Stone magazine.

(photo: Tina Turner)

- CARTER Magazine


My dragon finally out lol Carter start to eat life #ontherun X

Closed Rp +fluffybanner


The road to Carter’s coronation had not been easy. After her mother had passed her father…he had gotten so distance. So the Princess had grown up raised by tutors and nannies, only seeing her father at official events. She was so incredibly lonely that she had just shut down, retreating to quiet libraries and gardens away from anyone who could hurt her again.
But tonight, she couldn’t do that.
Tonight, there was a ball.