18953) I'm going to go crazy. The guy who sits next to me ALWAYS touches my hip to bother me, but he doesn't understand that I'm so scared that he'll notice my fat stomach. I almost yelled in front of him today. I want him to stop, because I'm not thin and I will never be and I don't want people to notice this.
18946) I asked my mom how many calories were in x, (HUGE MISTAKE) and then she started yelling at me asking if I had an eating disorder. I just started yelling back, telling her that just because a person counts calories doesn't mean they have an ED. My parents are starting to catch on...

on the left: nico jealous of eli, on the right: eli appreciative of nico

I JUST LOVE that nico feels this obvious sense of inferiority towards eli, what with her being the perfect image of a cool upperclassman, and nico being… really not. but eli, bless her heart, is just the right combination of humble and oblivious to have no idea — so when she says those things to turn the attention to nico, she’s not doing it out of any desire to ‘compensate’ for stealing the attention away from her. it’s completely genuine. she respects nico as a president and fellow idol, and finds her adorable to boot. she wants her to get the credit and attention she deserves!

and to someone like nico, who’s often made fun of and ignored (even if it’s presented a running gag), that’s just…. a huge deal. for eli, who has an aura of maturity and capability that effortlessly earns her the respect of everyone around her, to not look down on nico but instead look up to her… i’m sure that must mean the world to her, even if she wouldn’t admit it aloud.

i am so elinico it hurts, please send help