CHICANO DREAM x Mural by freakcitydesigns
CHICANO DREAM x MUSEE D’AQUITAINE x Fresque / Mural Painting Wallpainting made with artist and friend DUCH. We were asked to create a collaborative wallpainting during “Les Journées Du Patrimoine”, focusing on the great Chicano Dream exhibition held at Musée D’Aquitaine in Bordeaux. People and kids were invited to draw tattoos and tagging their names on our chicano-inspired mural, in which we left some space off for people to fill in. Great response and feedback, as tons of people played the game and made this a total collective effort. Feel free to contact us for similar projects, we had a blast !


Brennan telling “Jack” to shut his trap and stop bad mouthing the FBI…”you’re really defensive about the FBI lately…you realize Booth is just another government stooge” - “It has nothing to do with Booth”

Sure Brennan…sure.