TvLine: May Sweeps Preview, Finale Spoilers

PRE-FINALE: Trouble is on the horizon as Booth’s resurfaced gambling addiction poses “a big threat” to his marriage, exec producer Stephen Nathan warns. “All of our stories start to tumble over each other as we approach the end of the season. The episode where Brennan finds out she’s pregnant is also the episode where Booth is having a relapse. … It’s a tremendous danger to their relationship and something which, really, there’s no resolution to. It’s an ongoing issue.” At least Booth’s still able to help out a friend when he and Cam travel to Iran to bring Arastoo home. Elsewhere, the EP promises a “huge” arc for Angela and Hodgins, who “will be reevaluating the life they want to live and how and where they want to live it.” Bonus: We’ll finally learn Angela’s real name!

SEASON FINALE (JUNE 4): Given that Bones has yet to be renewed, “it was a bit of fancy footwork, because we had to write a finale that was both a season and series finale from which we could return,” Nathan admits. So did he dare leave it on a cliffhanger? “I don’t know if you could say it’s acliffhanger, but there’s a cliff,” he says with a laugh. “There’s an emotional cliff, and a big bad from the past resurfaces in a way that is surprising.” As star Emily Deschanel elaborates: “Pelant, in some way, comes back from beyond the grave.”

So I’m making an Etsy masterpost for the VC community. I’m going to include shops that have nothing to do with VC just for the sake of giving them attention too but the main focus is VC.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on who I should add? I mean, a lot of the more well known shops are going to be on there cause I’ve gone through a LOT of searches and reviews for this. But there’s always the chance I’m missing some.

Plus, I’ve never bought from any of these shops so I think it would be nice getting recommendations from people who have.^^

April 21st: This Day in Bones History

Four Episodes on this day– A BONES Record! :)

April 21st, 2008: The Player Under Pressure

Booth and Brennan solve the case of a murdered college basketball player, and it takes them to the campus. Throughout, the argue the merits of athletics, and in the end, Brennan tells Booth that she doesn’t associate him with juvenile male behavior–she knows he’s a fully formed male.

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April 21st, 2010: The Predator in the Pool

The team solves the case of a person found in an aquarium. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan try out the world of dating, but also seem to keep measuring one another as the standard.

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April 21st, 2011: The Finder

In this back-door pilot to Hart Hanson’s show The Finder, Booth and Brennan visit the Florida Keys to help Walter Sherman solve a case. Booth is sore because Walter once arrested him when Parker was born, but even he has to be impressed when Walter is able to find one of Brennan’s medals from her childhood–but not TOO impressed.

April 21st, 2014: The Nail in the Coffin

The team investigates the death of Stephanie McNamara, previously suspected as the Ghost Killer. The case turns up a lot of disturbing information, including the possibilities of a conspiracy within the FBI.


Side by side comparison of the dog skull I found mummified by train tracks, and my coyote skull.

Honestly, when I picked this bad boy up I thought it was a coyote. It was pretty hard to tell under all the light fur. Once uncovered, it was almost uncanny seeing the similarities and differences. Osteology is rad man!

Ive highlighted the main differences which helped me make my allllmost positive ID. The coyote has the extreme diamond shape and larger eye sockets.