Big Bang Tag Game by royalseunghyun #2

tagged by goldandiamonds

1.) It is 4 am when you wake up to your phone’s insistent ringing. You answer it while groaning, after seeing the name that cheerfully flashes on your phone’s screen. He is just wondering if you would like to go grab something to eat. He doesn’t know what time it is. Who is he?
TOP. Probably came back from club and he’s hungry. 

2.) You have to crash in at one of the Big Bang members’ place. Who is going to be the host for you?
I guess the first volunteer would be Seungri, but just to protect me from maknae, GD would be the one who would insist on me staying at his place. Probably using the ‘i don’t trust maknae’ excuse

3.) It is a self-study period. Tell me who is the one:

sleeping on his desk. Daesung. He needs his beauty sleep 
actually studying. Taeyang… 
who went out as soon as the teacher left and still hasn’t returned. Seungri, probably chatting with some girls or sth like that
playing with his phone,and listening to music. GD. 
who didn’t come to school today at all. Tabi

4.) Big Bang members are in the waiting room. Jiyong is trying out the rings. Daesung is doing a simple work out for his arms. Youngbae is taking photos. TOP is checking himself out in the mirror, already talking about the after-party. And Seungri is getting his hair done. Where are you in the picture?
Sitting on the sofa, talking about the after party with TOP, but secretly watching Daesung. Maybe liking and commenting pics Tabi took 5 minutes ago on instagram XD

5.) You are about to walk into world’s one of the scariest Haunted House. Which Big Bang member would you choose to go inside with?
It would need all five of them to force me to go there, but i would be glued to Seungri’s arm while already there. He would play it all cool and (i hope) he’d start making jokes and invite the scary looking staff to their next concert.