Don’t we all have that relative that will disparage anyone’s accomplishments with stories of wounded soldiers? I know I do. And let me tell you why that pisses me off.

Even though joining the military, going to war and fighting for your country is brave and quite admirable, and should definitely be recognized perhaps more widely than it is now, I don’t think it’s fair that supporters get pissed when other people/events get more attention than our vets. They are not the only people in this country that deserve our love and attention.

Now on to the issue that this picture presents:

Caitlyn Jenner won this award because she did something that hardly any people of her status would ever do, simply because of that status and backlash they may receive. It took an enormous amount of courage to do what she did. Transitioning in private is hard enough for many people, there is no way you or I could imagine the courage it takes to transition in the public eye, especially when you are associated with the Kardashians.

I do not want to come off as an asshole or disregard what Galloway has done for the US, but as courageous as Noah Galloway has been, he has the benefit of having many other veterans who have gone through and are dealing with the same things as him. There is no one that I know of, who supports the United States, disparage what he has done for us. He has undying support from millions of people, even if they don’t know of him.

Galloway has my support as well, but he has no more or less of my support than Caitlyn does. They’re both very brave, but Caitlyn won that award for a reason. She stood out above all other athletes/celebrities because of her public transition, and the committee that gives the award out chose her because they truly believed that she deserved it.

That doesn’t mean that Galloway didn’t, it just means they gave it to the person they thought stood out as the most courageous this year, and to them that was Caitlyn Jenner. I’m sure if Caitlyn hadn’t had the courage to do what she did this year, he would have won hands down. But losing limbs and continuing to live your life to the fullest doesn’t automatically mean you deserve any award they’re nominated for, no questions asked. If the other person displayed that they were better fit for the award than them, it is only fair if they receive the award they deserve.

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Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner and the World

Would people still be posting about the ESPY award and how atrocious one nominee winning over another is if Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t one of them? No.
Once again, in the transphobic/homophobic/HUMANphobic world we live in, society is taking every chance it can to dehumanize and ridicule the achievements of not only Caitlyn, but also the courageous acts of people like Noah Galloway and Lauren Hill, both incredible people in their own right. Instead of celebrating all the hardships these people have faced and recognizing the beauty in what it means to overcome as a person, society takes this poignant learning example and misconstrues it to place BLAME and GUILT undeservingly.
For all those who think Noah or Lauren or your mom or ANYONE else in the world should have received the ESPY award, then by all means be proud of that and advocate for those people and share their story for the world. These people are incredible, we are all incredible. We are all courageous in our own right.
But no one should have to be cut down and ridiculed and made out to be a victim of hate and prejudice simply because an award went to one person over another. This post has nothing to do with an award. Awards mean nothing.
Just because Caitlyn won an award does not mean the transgender community thinks people like Noah and Lauren are less deserving or courageous then Caitlyn. Where is the logic in something like that? And you, with your Facebook accounts and your ability to share articles and your twitter handles that retweet endless headlines fail to see past that truth that when you begin to tear down a person for any reason no matter how rich, poor, privileged, ethnic, or different they are from you, you are stripping them of their right to exist as a free person.
Why is it so hard for people to love in this world? Why are we so quick to hate and categorize and put down when we should be grateful to just exist in this crazy, diverse world? Why is it impossible for people to coexist without passing judgement in every moment? When will the world learn that we are all people of the same energy desperately trying to understand ourselves and our existence?
It’s so much easier then everyone makes it out to be. I just hope that maybe one day you can see the world and its people for what it is. A place made up of billions of beautiful souls that are all endlessly different from you and I but all share the same right to exist freely and peacefully.
Stand for peace not hate.

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Andy Blankenbuehler, choreographer of the Drama Desk Award-winning musical Hamilton, was presented with a special Drama Desk Award at Sunday evening’s ceremony at Town Hall. The honor was described as follows:

“For his inspired and heart-stopping choreography in Hamilton, which is indispensible to the musical’s storytelling. His body of work is versatile, yet a dynamic and fluid style is consistently evident. When it’s time to ‘take his shot,’ Blankenbuehler hits the bull’s-eye.”