101 Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA

#72: Uncle Iroh’s capture by earthbenders in “The Spirit World (Winter Solstice Part 1).”

The entire B-plot of this episode, which deals with Uncle Iroh’s capture by earthbenders (and Zuko’s rescue of Iroh) is well worth watching. 

First, we get introduced to Uncle Iroh’s infamous foul-smelling sandal … 

… which, incredibly, reappears as a plot point in Sozin’s Comet Part 2: The Old Masters. It’s how the GAang (including Zuko) locate Iroh and the White Lotus by way of shirshu (which means Zuko hung onto it the WHOLE TIME):

Second, we are treated to the scene below, in which Zuko spots Appa and starts to turn his war rhino to follow. But then Zuko changes his mind and turns back to follow the tracks to rescue his Uncle. It shows the importance of Zuko and Uncle’s relationship – the show had already established Zuko’s obsession with the Avatar, so the fact that he chose Uncle instead of chasing the Avatar is significant. The framing of the two scenes again highlights Zuko’s duality.  In the first scene, the audience sees Zuko’s scar as he yearns toward the Avatar.  In the second scene, we see Zuko’s “good side” as he looks back at the path toward Uncle.

So well done.

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Beyond the Spirit Portal

A/N: Sometimes I just get these…ideas. I would apologize, but I’m not sorry.

A rustling sounded from ahead of him, and Zuko raised his hands in defense, tired of giving everything in the Spirit World the benefit of doubt. So far, he had been teased, outright attacked, and led astray twice. He was starting to see the benefits of closing the human world off from the spirits so many millennia ago.

Spirits were damn annoying.

He never would have bothered to venture to this world if not for the urgency of the matter at hand.

Years back, Korra had once admitted to him that his uncle was here, happily running a teashop of giving council to those in need.

Zuko had long since learned how to live without Uncle Iroh’s constant council, but with news of Katara’s passing, he was now consumed with the need to seek his relative out.

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Is Suyin Beifong also a Sandbender?

Okay, I thought of this just awhile back, Rethinking to book three,when Korra was talking to Su about Lin inn her massive office/meeting room. She went on about how she lived with her grandparents, traveled the world, joined the circus, and lived in a sand bender community.

If I remember correctly, Sandbending, is a sub-skill developed by the Earth benders who lived in the deserts in the Earth kingdom.

When Toph and the gang were out searching in the desert for the library, Toph wasn’t able to bend the sand since it was looser then normal earth.

Then, in Book four, while they were hiding out on Amber Island with Zuko who joined them not too long before, Toph showed Aang her improvement in Sand bending: 

So, what I am trying to get at is, that Su would of had to known how to sand bend to live among the sand benders, weather her mother taught her or she learned from the sand benders herself….

I don’t know, because it would of been hard to live among them and not know how to sand bend.

I freaking love Azula’s tragic back story though. 
She was a prodigy, and as a result her insane father bred her worst qualities. She was taught to be ruthless, perfect, and to value power above all else.  She seems to know what she’s doing wrong. She says her mother hated her, but we can see in her delusions that she knows it’s not true.
Azula goes insane after realizing she has no one. Her brother left her, and her friends turned against her. So she starts to banish people, because she feels they’ll leave anyway. She starts to become violent towards those who are against her. She thinks power can fill the void. 
Azula is a villain because she was taught to value the wrong things, and rather than trying to make up for these issues and change she tries to go even farther with her cruelty. 
It’s just beautiful. 

ATLA/Korra Lore Question

Got a quandary I want some opinions on, since this could honestly go either way. 

We know that a Solar Eclipse completely disables firebending, but what happens during a Lunar Eclipse?  Tui, or rather Yue, the Moon Spirit is analogous with “Push”, while La, the Ocean Spirit, is “Push”.  This is in reference to the Positive/Negative Jing that waterbending is based upon.  Redirection, change, flow, etc.

Even if the Moon is totally blocked, waterbenders still have the other ‘half’ of their element to call upon; the ocean.  Would this, in theory, weaken waterbenders immensely since their entire push/pull balance is thrown off, or would it disable waterbending entirely?