The first stop on Tenzin’s family vacation is the Southern Air Temple, where Avatar Aang grew up. Following the Hundred Year War, Aang established the Air Acolytes. Later, the Acolytes moved into the various temples and repaired them to their former states. The Four Air Temples became pilgrimage sites for the Air Acolytes as they studied Air Nomad history and philosophy.

- Michael Dante DiMartio

The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series, Book 2: Spirits

A summary of Zuko's character development
  • Zuko:Statues. Really tall statues for like, all of them. Especially the Avatar. I want a giant Avatar Aang out in that bay like the biggest monkey feathered statue on the planet. Make sure Sokka has his boomerang too you should know not to screw with that man and his boomerang. Yes good perfect.

Modern AU Zuko is not a rich jerk hanging out with the “in crowd” at the same high school as all the other Fire Nation characters.

Zuko is that weird kid you hear rumors about who comes from a really swanky part of town but got sent off to military reform school.

People say he’s a pyromaniac and got burned playing with matches and kerosene. (He knows better than to try and explain the truth.)

He used to belong to a fancy kung fu dojo but never came in first place at the competitions. (He’s lost the “championship” style he trained so hard to perfect but learned how to fight for real.)

Azula is an honor student. She’s the darling of the local martial arts circuit and wins everything. People say she’s going to the Olympics.

Korra and some of her past avatars

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this one is for jerkbent xx (under read more because it’s kind of sexually graphic?) this is set four years after the show’s end

It certainly wasn’t usual for Katara to let her mind wander during important meetings. Even though she didn’t hold any prestigious title, she liked to stay involved in solving problems in the four nations. Most of the time that meant working with her friends and helping instill change. She wanted to make the world a better place, as cliché as it was, and doing it herself was much more self-rewarding than sitting by and watching it happen.

However, this meeting happened to be the odd exception.

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