Come join us for the first John Diggle Twitter Trend on Tuesday, September 30th for “We Love John Diggle.” 

+ Capitalize the first letter of each word in the slogan

+ No hashtag needed

So please help spread the word and be sure to come join the fun on September 30th!  Thank you!


Not sure what to tweet?  Looking for inspiration for tweets in the trend?  What do you love about John Diggle? For me, Diggle is strong and honorable. He’s very protective of those he loves. On a show filled with suited up superheroes, John Diggle is an every day hero…no mask required. Not only will Diggle become a father in Arrow Season 3, but he’s also destined for more adventures with the Suicide Squad!

Are you wondering what’s going on with H.I.V.E and his brother’s assassination? This is your chance to voice your support for Diggle! Are you a fan of his interaction with Deadshot, tell us about it. I’m especially fond of his bond with Oliver Queen - what would you like to see these two tackle in Season 3? Are you a fan of the Diggle & Felicity relationship? Come show some love. John Diggle is one of the members of Original Team Arrow - Let’s support his role on the show. He represents diversity and he’s irreplaceable!

If you don’t have a Twitter account, here’s your chance to create one. Join us tomorrow and let’s tell the show how much, “We Love John Diggle”!

You can follow our trending on my trend account: @OG3_TeamArrow and my regular twitter account: @stilettoroyalty

This is a flash trend, so be sure to spread the word!

WHAT UP PLAYAS Arrow S3 "itunes Sneak Peek" Photo Recap

This featurette was hard to find, beautiful and elusive like an albino king cobra, and potentially just as deadly. Andy K is here to tell you some things you’ll like, some things that will make you chew your nails to the third knuckle and other things that you will pretend you just never heard because you don’t want to leave fingerprints on your screen from pointing emphatically.

As always, I reserve the right to ignore anything that doesn’t interest me or that we have seen before in other previews, and no apology for my rampant Olicity. Let’s begin.

The wholesale barter of my soul to @ArrowWriters begins immediately, because they own me even in the afterlife, and those %$#@! know it.


/shakes fist

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