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there’s some kind of rainbow syrup in my heart. it makes everything seem too sweet and tinted, it’s unbearable. it amplifies everything and makes it all blurry.

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I agree with the last anon to some point. Since moving to america, 90% of the african americans i've met get upset when i tell them they are african. They're constantly making fun of my accent and name. During the Ebola outbreak, many of them even went as far as covering their mouths when they were near me to prevent themselves from 'getting infected'. It's these same african americans i then see wearing yoruba waist beads or dashiki's and it kind of makes me want to punch them in the face.

I’m sorry those things happened to you but it doesn’t mean we should exclude African-Americans from our cultures. I can understand where you’re coming from because I’m also an immigrant and went through what you did but I wouldn’t go around excluding those who genuinely participate in different African cultures. Distance yourself from rude, xenophobic and ignorant people…Also I can’t really comment on the relationship between African-Americans and continental Africans because I’m British


little simple romance

i was tense, but you held my hand
you’ve got a glowing moon face
i get caught in its tides
and fall in love in 10pm backseat car rides

you’re the icing on the cake
sweet, dangerous, a special occasion
eating sunday night soft ice cream
you call me latte, what a cozy dream

you know how to stay warm
you’ve done it all before
i love when you do that little dance
let’s show a little simple romance

girls tend to lose their identities
soft simplicity is key
i’m sure you were made from space
you and your glowing moon face

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Hey, i want your honest opinion on something. Do you guys think black americans should be allowed to appropriate African culture? Personally being from Africa, i do not think they should be allowed to because it is not their culture. Black americans have created a culture in america unique to themselves and its extremely wonderful, but they should stick to their own culture.

“African culture” doesn’t exist stop saying that please Africa is not a monolith. By Black Americans I’m guessing you mean African-Americans. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with an African-American participating in a specific cultural custom or wearing a specific attire. If someone wants to take part in a custom they must do it respectfully and shouldn’t devalue or do it/use it out of context. I see no problem with African-Americans trying to reconnect with different West African or Central African cultures if it’s all done respectfully. 


I really wish y'all would understand that AAVE is a legitimate form of English just like Gullah and Patois and isn’t just a bunch of random words thrown together like fuckboy and thot…

It’s really insulting actually that you guys think of it that way. Whenever y'all comprise lists of what AAVE is it’s literally just a bunch of slang that you hear on social media with no mention of how some of us say “yo” instead of “your” or “finna” instead of “about to” or “gone” instead of “going to” and those are the words that deem black people unintelligent most of the time because it’s not just a bunch of cool catchy sayings that young black people use. So when people think of AAVE they just think it’s something related to being a young black person because all that slang is only used by us.

My grandparents use AAVE, my mom uses it, it holds a lot more weight than just calling people fuckboys…

This was my hair for our engagement photoshoot yesterday evening. Braids on braids and succulents. Everything was magical and wonderful, especially the fact that our photographers are a young married couple and it just made me so excited being around them knowing that that’s what we’re heading towards.
Also I get 3-5 pictures of the shoot today, EEEP