Sometimes I forget that I'm the only one my age I know that is obsessed with Outsiders and still knows everything about it
  • Me:Yeah The Outsiders is still my favorite book!
  • Person:Uh yeah I liked it too... wasn't it that book with those guys that were called greasers or something and the one's name was Ponyboy... yeah I don't remember anything else except that Soda was really hot! Like remember that shower scene in the movie? So hot!
  • Me:*frown intensifies*

"The Outsiders" was written by S.E. Hinton at age 15, inspired after a friend who was beaten up on his way home. The mother of one of her friends read the manuscript and contacted an agent based in New York. She was then signed for a small advance and the book was published when she was 19.  [x]

"The Outsiders" was first printed in 1967 and has never been out of print. It is now one of the best selling books of all time.

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