Lol.. finally wrote this. This is based on something that’s been happening in my dorm recently.. sadly, there is no happy ending for my story, but I was glad to have one here ^^

Minho was almost towards the goal. His legs pumping in slow motion, watching as the other team closed in around him. He was just beyond the defensive line; it was only him and the goalie now. He knew everything rode on this goal. If he made it, they won the tournament. Just as Minho was preparing his shot, he heard a voice float into his head. It was soft and sweet and incredibly distracting. Minho decided to shoot, but only kicked at air. The ball was gone, everyone was gone. It was just him standing at the goal, the colour of the world fractured and diluted. That’s when Minho finally accepted defeat and opened his eyes.

Minho cracked open his eyes as he stretched. Light from his window streamed into the room, landing on his face and tickling his nose. He pulled his phone from his bed side table and checked the time, groaning when he realised it was only 9 am. The honey like voice floated into his head again, and Minho remembered why he was awake so early in the morning.

Why the hell was someone singing this early in the morning, and did this someone realise how thin the walls are in the dorm? Minho rolled over in his bed. This wasn’t the first time he had heard this voice. Some afternoons Minho could hear someone singing in the shower, or the voice traveling through the dorm, but he never sang this early, and Minho was fed up. He got out of bed and threw on a t-shirt before leaving his room, following the voice down the hallway.

As the voice got progressively louder, Minho grew more annoyed. It was a friday morning, he didn’t have class until 12, and frankly, he wasn’t planning on waking up until 11:40 at the earliest. Of course, it didn’t help that he had spent most of his time at the gym, and the rest trying to get past the next level in his video game.

Minho stood in front of source of sound, Lee Jinki, was written in big letters on the door, their RA’s doing. He rapped on the door twice, waiting for a response, but received none. He tried again, a little harder this time, and the voice stopped. Minho heard someone shuffling around beyond the door before it creaked open, and a small face popped out.

The man looked up at Minho before he fully opened the door and smiled, “I’m sorry, is there a problem?” The man, Jinki, was wearing a blazer that accentuated his features, it was tight at the waist, and showed his strong physique. He had broad shoulders, and strong arms, both highlighted in the garment. A nice pair of tight jeans showcased his strong thighs, and Minho was suddenly aware of his partial nakedness. His t-shirt he grabbed was the same he had used the night before, and smelled of sweat, and as for pants, he wasn’t wearing any, just the pair of boxers he had worn to bed.

Minho couldn’t help but blush. Why did the source of his frustrations have to be so cute.. or hot for that matter. He couldn’t really decide which, because he seemed to be both simultaneously.

Jinki opened his mouth and quietly addressed Minho, who seemed to be frozen. “Um, did you want something?”

Jinki’s voice pulled him out of his trance, “what? Oh yeah, sorry. I wanted to uh, ask if you could be uh..” Minho didn’t know how to address the situation, the last thing he wanted to do was somehow be rude to him. “Never mind.”

“Are you sure?” Jinki looked confused, and his face was too cute for Minho to handle.

Minho shifted his weight nervously. This was so dumb, why was he so enamoured with this guy he didn’t even know.

Jinki went to close the door slowly, but on impulse, Minho stopped it. “Sorry, um, I’m Minho, this is stupid, but are you free today?”

“Um, no,” Jinki’s cheeks went red, “I have a big test today. Well, it’s kind of a test, I just need to study now.”

Dejected, Minho pulled his hand from the door and sighed, “well, I’ll see you around then.”

Jinki smiled, his eyes turning into happy crescents, “yeah, I hope I see you! Have a good day!”

Minho left for his room and decided to sleep until his next class, hoping to forget the awkward experience he just had.

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Wild rabbits (small part)

Okay, since I’m taking so long to finish this story, I am posting a little part, so you chickenmaniac can read. I hope you like.

Walking down the court, the big feet making strange noises when it made contact with the floor, Jinki stopped at the end of it looking at the players, what would he do now? He had no idea.

“So it’s your turn to suffer, huh?”

Jinki turned his head to the side, almost hitting against the player who was standing beside him. “What?”

The player smirked. “If you are talking something, speak louder, no one will hear you in there.”

“What?” he said louder. “Suffering what?”

“Oh, you don’t know.” he said laughing. “You ever wonder what happened to the last mascot, why he was replaced?”

That was a good question.


The player pointed to the other side of the court, directly to a player who was concentrating bouncing the ball on the floor and jumping as if he was playing the ball in the hoop.

“That guy over there caused him to be kicked out, the guy who was in there I mean.” he said poking the head of the rabbit. “He’s really scary.”

Jinki blinked looking at the player. “He doesn’t seem scary.”

“Oh, but he is, if I were you’d be away from him.”

He nodded, holding his head that threatened to fall again. “I will, thank you.”

The player laughed and left, Jinki read the name written on the shirt, Kim Jonghyun, he seems a good person.

Looking back to the other player Jinki squinted his eyes to read the name of the person that he should keep distance, Choi Minho was his name and he nodded, he would avoid this guy, Minho, as much as possible, after all he had to stay there until Mr. Kang thought it was humiliation enough, Jinki needed to graduate anyway.

Watch basketball practice it was not so boring and Jinki was even allowed to take off the costume after a while, it seems that Mr. Kang was in a good mood after all. It was much more comfortable to sit in the stands with normal clothes and a lot less embarrassing too.

Jinki had to admit that he had never seen a basketball game and the noise of the sneakers on the floor was a bit annoying, but otherwise had no problem see players running and sweating by the court. Had some very handsome with nice bodies, most of them were tall, but had some shorter, as Kim Jonghyun that despite the height, played very well.

And of course, it had Choi Minho who was not one of the highest in the team, but played very well. It did not take long for Jinki find that he was not only the captain of the team, but also their best player.


Just your typical Minho-initiated unnecessary Onho physical contact.