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Is Nick single or he's dating the girl from glee? thanks

Again this question? Yes he is single until proven otherwise. Look, they were spotted having a meal at a pub two months ago, the employees said they didn’t even looked like they were on a date, no PDA no giggling, the “sources” at the time said Nick wasn’t looking for a relationship at the moment. They haven’t been reportedly spotted together since. She -like many other celebs- yes, has hanged out with Nick friends, but that’s not special, he takes them everywhere so they know a bunch of famous people and seem pretty cool (plus, even some of them are in the showbiz). There is no evidence at the moment that indicates they are dating, no kissing, no pics sneaking into each others house, no date nights, no traveling together, etc. if at one point there’s something to talk about, we’ll talk about it, as for now I will stop answering this question.