Five quotes that I wish had been in Harry Potter:

  1. ‘Harry spotted several students trying to levitate their friends wheelchair up the Grand Staircase.’

  2. ‘“Durmstrang and Beauxbatons only accept a handful of select students each year,” Hermione declared, “Whereas Hogwarts accepts everyone, of course. Regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, ability, religion…”
    "How do you know that?” Ron interrupted.
    "I read, Ron!”’

  3. ‘”Oh, Percy,” Mrs. Weasley cried, “We’re just as much to blame.”’

  4. ‘”Furthermore,” Harry passionately said, “Severus Snape isn’t even the first one to turn on you. That honor goes to Regulus Black!”
    “Black’s death was an accident!”
    “It wasn’t,” Harry replied.
    Voldemort’s frown turned into a snarl.’

  5. ‘And there were Dean and Seamus, walking hand-and-hand, beaming at their son. He was a little older than James.’