I'm really bad at being sneaky...

So the boys at The Place (where we have House Church) have done so much for me in the past years that I wanted to show them some love, right? So I went to Walmart and bought a card and put sooo much heart into it.

So I decided I would put it on their front door, so Stephen C. would see it when he got home from work. Okay, well I got there and I saw that Taylor’s light was on and I was like CRAP. So I sat in my car for 20  minutes debating whether or not to do it. Finally, I was an idiot and texted Fred and Stephen B. and was like …..I’m not sneaky so I’m leaving a card but pretend you don’t know it’s me. Well, turns out, neither of them were there - it was just Taylor. So I would have been fine.

So after I put it up there, I was walking back to my car and Stephen B. walks in my path and apparently he didn’t get my text but I told him anyways.

So I pretty much ruined my own plan. -_-

Sigh. I’m awesome.