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Your breath stopped as you read Dean’s last text. Marry you? Hunters don’t get married. 

“Dean…” You sent back, hoping that he was just drunk and being nostalgic. 

It took less than ten seconds for him to reply. 

As you read the text, you knew. He wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t being nostalgic. This was real, and as you looked at his words you realized that you wouldn’t want anything more. You and Dean; the two of you could do it. You could make it.

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anonymous asked:

What is the main plot so far of season 10? I watch it but I haven't really been keeping up for a few weeks, and Im bout to watch all the episodes I missed at once... Aha. I'd appreciate if you could explain, thanks!

Alright, so SPOILERS, obviously. Let me give you a quick recap of the main parts of the season so far.

Dean wakes up.

He goes dark and sexy.

He has a relationship with Crowley. Then they split up and Crowley goes full on preteen-who-got-dumped for a few episodes.

Sam gets codependent on us again, and only gets worse throughout the season.

Cas and Sam cure Dean of being a demon, but he’s a Winchester, so he still thinks his situation is entirely hopeless.

Cue shit tons of filler episodes. Charlie comes back then leaves again, and we find out Rowena is Crowley’s mother.

Meanwhile, Cas is doing random shit because the writers are afraid to put him and Dean in the same room alone anymore helping Hannah with Heaven stuff, while Metatron is locked in Heaven jail. But then things get super awkward.

And Hannah peaces out.

Dean gets worse and worse, and supposedly kills Cain (though he likely didn’t, because we never actually /see/ him stab him).

Charlie comes back with the Book of the Damned saying there’s a spell in it which can cure Dean, and  which Dean makes Sam burn (he doesn’t, of course). Charlie then finally meets Cas and everyone exploded with happiness.

Metadick tricks Cas again, and makes off with the demon tablet, but not before Cas gets his grace back.

Sam continues to lie to Dean in attempts to try and save him, and has now promised Rowena he will kill Crowley if she reads the Book of the Damned and helps Dean. Because, you know, that’s going to end well.

Oh, and Chuck is back. Well, they showed him to us once and then promptly forgot him, but at least he’s back.



You stared at the two men before you, “So…you are telling me that monsters are real and that the only reason you were desecrating a grave was to stop the ghost from killing more people?”

“Yeah…look I know it’s hard to believe but-” Sam started.

“Oh I believe you”

Sam shook his head while Dean just smirked, “You do?”

“Yep. I do if we are going to win this case, so let’s get to work” you said, throwing your hair into a bun.

Dean looked you up and down then turned to Sam, “Oh I think I like her”

“Winchester, as I recall, you are the one in hand cuffs. So unless you want to go to jail… Focus on the task at hand” you said, slapping the files on the table.

Sam tried to hold back his smile as Dean swallowed and sat up straighter, “Right…task at hand”